International Incident Party

Hi everyone!

I am really excited to have the official launch of International Incident Party. The rules are simple. Follow the theme the way you think it is. You can go as far fetch as possible or keep it quite simple. We will post on the same day and almost the same time (there are always exceptions). And most importantly, we all have fun creating those dishes and sharing them with everyone else.

I am excited to reveal our logo that is kindly created by Trix and Poppy Trix of Tasty Trix. Fantastic job and I do love pink.

The Banner:

International Pizza Pie Incident Party

The sticker on the suitcase with change with every new party that we have every month.

This is the HTML code for this month’s party:

<a href=””><img title=”iip-pizza” src=”” alt=”International Pizza Pie Incident Party” width=”600″ height=”203″ /></a>

The Badge:

International Incident Party

Please copy and paste this HTML if you are using the badge on your website:

<a href=””  target=”_blank”><img src=”” alt=”International Incident Party” border=”0″ width=”160″ height=”160″ /></a>

Let me know if you need another size for the logo and the badges.

And also here is the list of the proposed dates and themes:

Let the fun begin!! Join us please!