Zonut or Cronut – Are you a fan?

The cronut by Chef Dominique Ansel is the latest high calorie sugary artery attack craze. It is a half croissant, half doughnut pastry that many are going nuts about. The daily queue at Dominique Ansel starts 2 hours before the bakery opens. The cronut craze is now a global craze and of course, our very own Adriano Zumbo jumped onto the band wagon and made his version which is called the zonut.

zonut from zumbo

Chef Dominique Ansel advises the best way to eat a cronut and I will assume that it is the same with the zonut – “The best way to eat it is really to cut it in half so you can see all those layers,” he said. “And I like to peel them off.” 

Zumbo started with 2 flavours of zonut and they are apple crumble and the salted caramel with mandarin sugar and caramelised hazelnuts. The zonuts were only available at the Rozella outlet but it is now also available at The Star outlet.

salted caramel with mandarin sugar and caramelised hazelnut

It also seems that Zumbo has created new zonut flavours like lemon meringue and strawberries and vanilla custard since the zonut craze started. Zumbo is looking to creating new flavours every week. So watch out Sydney…. is this the new black? At $5 a pop, zonut is something that you should be sharing with someone or a group. It is really buttery and rich. I wish I could say that I love it but maybe I did not eat it the Chef Dominique Ansel way.

apple and crumble zonut

I was quite fortunate as there was no queue at Zumbo when both Mister and I were in the Balmain/Rozelle area last Sunday afternoon. It started as an innocent bike ride across ANZAC bridge and ended up into a Zumbo sinful sweet delight. I guess we worked hard for it. I was not aware of how hilly the ride to Rozelle was and definitely not prepared for pain. The zonuts was not the only sweet thing I cycled home with. I ended up with half a dozen of Zumbo macarons. Just a sweet excuse to welcome @cloudcontrol to Sydney. :)

zumbo macarons

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