Youein Foodstore, Surry Hills

The Youein Foodstore is located in South Dowling street in Surry Hills. This street is one of the few streets that are forgotten and neglected by many Surry Hills punters. It is probably not the ‘cool’ part of Surry Hills but it is one that is filled with a few gems that many are missing out on. There are a few antique and/or second hand furniture shops and also home to Organic Bread Bar which is open 365 days. Yes, they are open on New Year day as well! I can vouch for this.

The flagship Youein Foodstore is  base in Castle Hill. The Surry Hills store has a small menu but enough to satisfy the locals. The Youein believes in making everything on site but I believe it is more so in Castle Hill than Surry Hills. The coffee is acceptable but will not intentionally walk over for a weekend coffee. I should just stick to Gnome, Brickfields and The Shortlist at this point.

flat white

However, I do love the half bohemian, half hipster vibe that this little cafe exudes. I don’t expect many to travel to this little known cafe but only the neighbouring locals that prefers the quiet instead of the hustle and bustle of the Surry Hills vibe. There is no airs here. Just quiet and comforting time with the papers or like us, the iPads.

youein inside


The simple sandwich lunch menu is located on the wall behind us. There is nothing pretentious about it. Simple and sufficient.

youein inside

Mister ordered the breakfast plate ($16.50). It consists of scrambled eggs, serrano ham, cottage cheese, melba toast, sliced tomato, avocado and a side of rocket and parmesan salad. There is little cooking or technique to rave about here. It is what it is.

breakfast plate at youein $16.50

I ordered the croque monsieur ($8.90) which is just s simple ham and cheese melted on toasted sourdough. I like the strong hint of dijon mustard and the generous portion of bechamel sauce which I prefer over the top of the toast and grilled. I think I need to make one at home myself. If I can’t get a good one outside, might as well do it myself, right?

croque monsieur $8.90

It is always great to find a small local that is just round the corner from our place. It isn’t one of those fancy and hip cafes in Surry Hill but one for the locals to getaway to. And by the way, the infamous salted caramel tart no longer exists in this cafe. That is a story from long time ago. Unfortunate perhaps but we still have Flour and Stone to go to for our sweet fix.