Upcoming International Dumplings Incident Party

Hi everyone!

Please head over HERE to find the list of creations from fellow bloggers around the world.


We had 2 successful runs of the International Incident PartiesGnocchi & infamous Pizza Pie. And by popular vote, dumplings is May’s party theme. There are so many different ways of intepretating dumplings.

These definitions have been taken from dictionary.com:

  1. A rounded mass of steamed and seasoned dough, often served in soup or with stewed meat.
  2. A dessert consisting of a wrapping of dough enclosing sliced apples or other fruit, boiled or baked.
  3. A short or stout person.

Simple  rules for MAY’s International Incident Dumplings Party!

  1. Dishes must be on theme, of course
  2. We will all post the dish on the 12th of May at 8pm (Melbourne) – You can convert to your local time here
  3. Please link up to your blog using Linky from my blog post (posted on that day) and you can also email the link and name of recipe to International Incident Mailbox. Please also add in subject line – International Dumplings Incident
  4. If possible, please upload image and link to flickr group – International Incident. This will be shared with everyone around the world
  5. TOTALLY OPTIONAL - Add #dumplingparty #iip when sharing your creation on twitter or you can link up via Twibe group or even IIP Facebook fan page
  6. Most importantly, ENJOY yourself

**** Please remember to use Linky below to add yourself to the list and also add a comment so that I am able to contact you via email if there are any updates or changes. ****

May Babies

Very important part of this party is to be able to come together to celebrate the birthday of fellow food bloggers globally.  Here is the list of the May babies:

If you are joining us and is your birthday, please comment and I can add you to the list.

I will love for everyone to participate. It is always so exciting to go through everyone else’s dishes and creations. As the group is growing, I have been trying to find ways where we can link up to each other much easier. So I will definitely need your input and suggestion how we can make this easier for everyone moving forward.

Suggestive Pages/Links

These are just some of the links and pages that I have added and please let me know what your thoughts are. It is still in infancy and will appreciate your feedback.

  1. Use the linky tool that I have set up – Please add your blog link below. Need to test run to make sure that it works
  2. IIP Facebook fan page where everyone is able to upload the photos and blog posts
  3. IIP Twibe group page for those on twitter – Please use #iip and #dumplingparty for this month’s party

Dumplings banner and badge

Last but not least, this is the banner for our next party!

IIP dumplings banner

Please copy and paste the code provided. And if you need a different size, please let me know.

<a href=”http://jeroxie.com/addiction/upcoming-international-dumplings-incident-party/”><img title=”iip-pizza” src=”http://jeroxie.com/addiction/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/iip-banner-dumplings.jpg” alt=”International Dumplings Incident Party” /></a>

Please copy and paste this HTML if you are using the badge on your website:

International Incident Badge

<a href=”http://jeroxie.com/addiction/international-incident-party” target=”_blank”><img src=”http://jeroxie.com/addiction/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/iip-badge-160.jpg” alt=”International Incident Party” border=”0″ width=”160″ height=”160″ /></a>

See you all on the 12th of May! Let the party begin :)