Twig Cafe, Surry Hills

I look forward to Easter every year. It is not a religion thing but because of the sleeps in and being able to do whatever we like at anytime. It is extra precious this year as we had a bout of visitors and now have the house to ourselves without thinking of the needs of others. It was a great sense of freedom.

A few cafes are opened on Easter and Twig is one of them. It is one of those cafes that not many talk about and yet, it is quietly successful. It is situated on Cleveland Street and away from the cool kids of Surry Hills. This cafe is opened by husband and wife team, Richard & Lorraine Francis. The menu is small but sufficient. The ingredients used are mostly sustainable and organic. There is a community garden at the back and some of the produce are used in the menu.

The coffee used is from Single Origin Roasters. And all juices are freshly squeezed.

coffee and juice

Mister has been having a craving for pancakes lately and ordered the buttermilk pancakes with berries and pancetta. The pancakes are super light and fluffy. A bit of sweet and savory has been a recipe of success in many dishes these days. This is no exception.

butter milk pancakes with berries


I ordered the Egg in a Basket. It seems to be a very popular dish amongst the local as well as musician, Lily So. I don’t know who she is but after reading the article on SMH, it finally tip me over to visit this cafe that has been on my radar for a while. When it first arrived, I silently told myself how ugly it looked. A fried egg in a piece of toast topped with spinach and a side of tomato relish? What is this? But when I ate it, it taste good and comforting. I ate my words, literally. The tomato relish was delicious and brought the whole dish together. Never judge a book by its cover. Order this if you are here. Delicious.

Egg in a basket

This late breakfast and almost brunch meal started our beautiful and relaxing Easter holiday. We relaxed, caught up with a friend/colleague from Melbourne and got our head exploded at the Amish Kapoor exhibition at the MCA. By the way, I was suffering from a slight hangover from the night before. All the mirrors and angles and stuff really made me feel a little sick but thoroughly enjoyed myself. What a cool way to be away from technology and digital platforms and gadgets. I have to make it a point to get to more galleries and exhibitions this year.

Anish Kapoor. Head explosion #igerssydney #sydney

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