Suzie Q Coffee & Records, Surry Hills

We finally have the house to ourselves. It is always great to have family and friends over. But after almost 4 months of continuous visitors living in our home, it was getting a little too full on. I was experiencing cabin fever in my own home and it was a bitter sweet as we bid farewell to our Malaysian relative on Friday. Bitter as she was one of Mister’s favourite aunt and he will miss her dearly. Sweet because I can finally walk around the house in undies if I wanted to.

I have not stopped stuffing my face or finding new places to go. Suzie Q Coffee and Records is one of the few new cafes that I really fell in love with. It is tucked away in Hutchison Street, Surry Hills. What is unique about this cafe is its curated list of old records that are for sale onsite. I love the quirky space and the decent coffee.

suzie Q menu

suzie Q

Suzie Q was named as one of the top ten hottest cafes in Sydney by Jill Dupleix for Good Food in SMH. After weeks of procrastination, I decided to check out the coffee on our way to the market. I was disappointed as shown on instagram. The milk was burnt. I hoped that it was just a mishap and went back again and again. I wouldn’t say that they serve the best coffee but it is a pretty good. These people do know and love their coffee.

flat white at Suzie Q

I am now contented with the coffee but breakfast has left me wondering. Both Mister and I ordered the 2 arepa dishes on the menu. Mister ordered the more yummy version of arepa with melted cheese, chorizo, fried egg and salsa. It is also called eggs and sausage in a cadillac with Susan Mitchelson ($14). The arepa was quite touch but at least it had the chorizo and fried egg to soften it and made it easier to slice with a knife.


eggs and sausage in a cadillac with Susan Mitchelson ($14)

I ordered the vegan version which is arepa with avocado, poached eggs, herb salad & lime. It is also called Spanish Caravan ($13). The arepa was too dry and tough. The herb salad had no seasoning at all. I was sprinkling salt and pepper but it may have needed some nice olive oil or something else to lift it. The lime was almost non existence and it was quite horrible to eat. Mister had to give me some of the chorizo. I am not an expert on arepa but will assume that it is not tough. This is probably overcooked? From what I have researched, it seems that one should be able to bite through the arepa without much difficulty. Why did Jill Dupleix think that this is the go to dish? I really wonder.

vegan arepa

arepa with avocado, poached eggs, herb salad & lime $13

Despite the bad experience with the arepa, we went back again this week for breakfast. I wanted something light and decided to go for the fresh figs on sour cherry loaf with ricotta and cinnamon spread ($14) from the specials board. It is absolutely delicious! Mister had a super moist banana bread lathered with lots of butter. Yum! This cafe is definitely pretty hot. Get in after 11 on the weekend and expect to wait for a table.

fresh figs on sour cherry loaf

fresh figs on sour cherry loaf with ricotta and cinnamon spread ($14)

I took a photo of this house on the street. Check out the cameras on the balcony! Cool huh?

hutchison road

Suzie Q Coffee & Records
1/18 Hutchinson Street, Surry Hills Tel:02 9332 2739

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