Streetsmart – CafeSmart Project and Jeroxie turns 2

Date: 8th of June 2011
Temperature: Top of 11°C

Most Melbournians woke up to 4°C super cold morning today. I was super rugged up. Thick woolie scarfs, big buffy jacket and woollen tights kept me fairly warm. And even then I was complaining about the cold winter day. I will stick my little finger sticks out in the cold air and she shrunk right back into the warm pockets of my jacket. And did I mention that I had the luxury of hiding most of the day in the very well heated office in South Melbourne.

I have a very soft spot for the homeless. I had a glimpse of what it is like. Very long time ago, I was rebellious and ran away from home. I was super young and super stupid. One day, I will hide in my friend’s room as their parents are around. And if that is not possible, I will sleep in the void decks of the public housing board flats. As a young girl, it was really dangerous. I never really have to put up with the cold weather like today but I had to sleep on hard stairs with one eye open all the time. Finally hunger, fear and a lot of persuasion from close friends made me return home. My parents did not yell at me. They cried. They were relieve. I felt so guilty and so so stupid that I made them so worried. I never ran away again. In that very short period of time, I understand what it felt like to be homeless, helpless and when the world seemed to be falling around you.

I had the luxury of returning home and having the continued showering of love and care. Not everyone can return home or have one to return to. So as Jeroxie turns 2, there will be no cake or tray of macarons. It will be a wish that coffee lovers in Australia will come together on the 5th of August to support CafeSmart which is an initiative of StreetSmart Australia.


As part of the National Homeless Week (1st – 7th August) this year, CafeSmart hopes that roasters, cafes and coffee drinkers will come together to help people that is homeless on the 5th of August.

  • Participating cafes will generously donate $1 per coffee sold to fund local projects
  • Coffee drinkers CAN “Grab a coffee and help the homeless” and/or make a donation online
  • Participating roasters will be supplying participating cafes with discounted coffee beans

CafeSmart Project is still looking for roasters and sponsors to come on board. And if you are a cafe and love to be involved, you can Sign up your cafe for CafeSmart

For all enquires, please contact Adam Robinson 03 9836 1887, for more information.

As the date gets closer, I will be updating everyone with a list of all participating cafes and hopefully, roasters. In the mean time, if you know of any roaster or cafe, please forward this on and hope they jump on the band wagon.