Stove Kitchen, South Melbourne

Stove Kitchen
191 Clarendon Street
South Melbourne, 3205
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I am very excited that South Melbourne has landed itself a new cafe/restaurant on Clarendon Street. More options to the otherwise mundane lunch selections. Stove Ktichen is brought to my attention by a fellow reader that works in the same area! Hooray! She has actually given me another lead where I will head to in the next couple of weeks.

Stove kitchen

Stove kitchen

The coffee is decent but not the best. It did pale next to the boys from St. Ali and Deadman Espresso. And also not forgetting Padre that is located in South Melbourne market. The place does have a outdoor area and a small light and airy interior. This place seems to be opened by a husband and wife.  Wife is front of house and husband is the cook! This is just my assumption so don’t take my word for it.

latte at Stove Kitchen

latte at Stove Kitchen

I ordered the veal scallopine. It came served with a lemon wedge, warm potato salad. The veal was really moist and flavoured well with the burnt butter. I should have tasted it before squeezing the lemon. It made the whole dish a little too sharp for my liking. And on top of that, there were capers in the sauce. A serve of bread did help in diluting the sauce. Some may like this sharpness. But having said that, it is a decent plate of food. The veal and potatoes were well cooked.

Veal scallopine with capers and burnt butter

There was also ox tongue lasagna. One to try but at a later date. I need to take a short break from tongue. All will be revealed. And it seems that they do have a lovely breakfast menu and free range eggs are used. Crunchy poached eggs, gravalx, corn cakes with sour cream and chives sounds interesting. And also for the lunch people that want a quick takeaway, there are fresh or pressed panini or sourdough options. I think this will be a nice addition to Clarendon Street and will win fans. Definitely be back to try other dishes on the menu.

By the way, they are open for dinner on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. There may be a slight variance in the dinner menu.

How do you support your local cafe?

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