Still eating in Malaysia

Has it been a week since I last posted? Mister and I travelled up to Penang with his parents for an eating tour. It was almost non-stop eating for 4 days and 3 nights. I can sense a detox when we return to Sydney.

Malaysia is still such a “raw” country to visit. The people, the places, the food and the whole sense of Malaysia is very “raw”, unconformed in many ways and almost a sense of fear or paranoia. I was not allowed to take photos using my DSLR in KL due to safety reasons which I will chat about in other posts. However, was told that Penang is ok to shoot with my big camera. It is a much safer state and less fearful of daylight robbery.

Street of Air Hitam

Coming to Penang is a big deal for me. It was Dad’s old hometown before he moved to Singapore. I wanted to see where he grew up and spent much of his later years returning to. What made this place so special? What did he like about it? I asked myself “What did he eat and do here?” There are bits of Penang that is really beautiful in its own unique ways. The food is awesome and a much cleaner state than KL. And there are pockets of tranquility that only the locals know about and I bet, will like to keep to themselves. I think my Dad loved the simplicity of life here. I stood at the end of the jetty and almost understood. I need to come back again to find out more and to understand.

Tan jetty

I can now tell you what a really good Char Kway Teow is after eating it almost every day we were there. Mister’s dad is a Char Kway Teow expert and fanatic. He insisted that we needed to try the Char Kway Teow from 2 Sisters. This stall is located at Lorong Selamat and opens at 11am. People were waiting outside patiently and pounced once the doors open. I have to admit that it is pretty damn awesome. The wok hei comes from the charcoal fired wok. Now I understand what a really good Char Kway Teow is and how awesome it can and should taste.

char kway teow

We finally made it to Pulua Tikus which is supposedly a rich man’s market. It is definitely cleaner and so many hawkers and the morning is filled with buzz of the wet market and bargaining patrons. And I finally ate freaking awesome Nyonya kuih and dishes. I love them all. This is the taste that I truely love and wish I can have more. It is my heritage that I know so little of. It made my miss my Grandma. To me, she is the best cook ever and no one can come close. I am sure many of you will and can share my sentiments.

Nyonya kuih

I have lots more to share and tips when travelling in Malaysia when I get back to Sydney. It has been pretty full on as it has been awhile since Mister came back. We are surrounded by relatives that want to see and chat with us. Many live in different states and therefore much of the time is spent on the road. Hence, I have not been posting on the blog but mostly on Facebook, Instagram (@jeroxie) and Twitter.

Our trip in Malaysia is almost coming to an end. Booo! But I do miss Sydney, a freaking good latte and our boy, @tekkieboy. See you all back in Sydney and in the mean time, I shall be eating my way back to Sydney from Malaysia. :)