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Do you feel excited when you discover something new or amazing? One of the perks of owning a food blog is the continuous adventure of discovering new ingredients, tastes, cuisine, new places to eat, new ideas and new food obsessive people like myself.

There is always something new that I learn or discover every week. Last week, I stumbled upon a little sandwich shop near work. I went back two days in a row. The sandwiches are freshly made, filling is generous and is affordable. It’s little things like that make me smile and excited. And then this week, I finally rode into work at normal working hours. I was cycling with a lot more confidence and it made me feel quite accomplished! I did promise myself that I will get onto the road and cycle to work before end of the year. I did it!

Another thing that I’ve got delivered last week was a block of Cadbury Mousse Double Chocolate. I have many soft spots for chocolate. All sorts of chocolate. White, milk, dark or flavoured chocolate. This is one of the 4 flavours in the mousse category – Milk, Double, Hazelnut and Raspberry.

Cadbury Chocolate Mousse

The Cadbury Mousse Double Chocolate was easy to indulge into. We are heading into summer so I was careful not to finish the whole block by myself. Instead, I shared it with Mister after an afternoon of household chores. It was a welcome reward and a tasty one too! The first bite broke the milk chocolate shell. That is followed by the googey dark chocolate coulis and then the soft mousse. It is not as sweet as I thought it may be. It will actually be perfect with more chocolate – Hot chocolate! I chose the healthier option and had orange juice instead.

Cadbury double mousse chocolate

Cadbury double chocolate mousse

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