Sixpenny, Stanmore

After travelling to Europe, I can now proudly say that Australian food created by our chefs rock. And not only that, there are options. As much as we loved Spanish and at times, French food, we needed cultural options. I want to be able to have a bowl of wonton noodles one day and tacos another. I want to be spoilt with options, delicious options.

Sixpenny was confirmed before we embarked on our Europe trip. Sixpenny is all about respecting the ingredient. The two chefs, James Parry and Daniel Puskas, not only work long hours at the restaurant but at their very own vegetable garden or patch in the Southern Highlands. There is also a herb garden at Sixpenny. Amazing.

The interior space at Sixpenny is small and there is a small private room near the very well organised kitchen. The front of house is staffed by 2 people. But I believe that the cooks actually serve the food? It reminds me of the service at Momofuku Seiobo. It’s clever. There is no over cluttering of service staff and makes the experience more personal.

The degustation started with a series of snacks. The first was Salt & Vinegar Chips. It’s super thin, light and just light salted and vinegar’ed. I could have a bag of this and a bottle of sparkling. Great summer dish.

salt and vinegar chips

Second snack – Really cute mini English muffins with ricotta and green tomato marmalade.  Delicious!

mini english muffin at sixpenny

Third snack – Grilled baby leek with onion glaze. Lightly trickle of sea salt. Simple and good. After 3 different snacks, I started to understand what Sixpenny is all about. It is all about showcasing one or two ingredients and by having great ingredients, one does not need to do too much for it to shine.

baby grilled leek

Fourth and last snack – Salt baked golden beetroot with wattle seed and caramelised cream. I love to say that the beetroot is the star but it is the caramelised cream that had won our hearts. It is so bad for us but it taste too good. I almost licked the whole bowl of it.

golden beetroot at sixpenny

Seafood course is a very simple dish. It’s snow crab with shaved macadamia and camomile. I really feel for the apprentice that had to shave all the macadamia nuts. Was it 10kg a week? That is a lot of nuts! Absolute delicious.

snow crab with Silky Macadamia and Camomile

The meat course is another of my favourite. It’s malted veal with charred cabbage & fermented anchovy. Perfectly cooked veal that is elevated by the malt and fermented anchovy. Even the cabbage is just pure joy to eat. I was a very happy girl.

malted veal at sixpenny

2014 will be the year of the carrot. Below is the carrot cooked in mascarpone with a side of roasted hazelnut sand. Again very simple but perfect.

carrot at sixpenny

The palette cleanser is a lemon curd and raspberry mousse sponge with fruit leather.

emon curd and raspberry mousse sponge with fruit leather at sixpenny

The dessert is pumpkin cooked in mead with caramelised white chocolate & white rice ice cream. It is surprisingly great! Not too sweet and I am so inspired to make my own rice ice cream in 2014. YUM!

pumpkin cooked in mead with caramelised white chocolate and white rice ice cream

Last but not least, we had finished off with delicious house-made petit fours! The cookies were served in a little cookie jar. We were also told that many of the crockery is made in Bendigo, Victoria. Amazing.

petit four

This was also the first time that we have tried Orange wine. I love the bottle which I got to take home with me. And how amazing and funky is this decanter?

Orange wine @sixpenny_au. Loving the decanter and guess who's peeping from across? I can get used to long Saturday lunches. #saturday #jeroxieeats #orangewine


I want to thank you Ford Australia for sponsoring the lunch and the opportunity to test drive Ford Focus Titanium for 4 weeks. It is such a big change from our hipster car. Our current car has no electric mirrors or windows.

ford focus australia

The new Ford Focus, on the other hand, had all the modern technology that makes driving and its journey more enjoyable. It could fit 3 people in the back quite easily and I am not referring to small sized Asian people (Sorry to pigeonhole but you know what I mean). The Ford SNYC  technology allows Mister to call his friends (or me), listen to music from the phone or radio and navigate handsfree. It is all voice activate and I find it rather amazing! I can sync my phone as well and when I get into the car, it starts playing music from my iPhone. I love the dashboard. It has so many new and cool new features. The radio actually works!

Ford Focus SYNC

There is another really cool feature that I want to share with you but that will be in my next post when I finally move this blog to a new template! So stay tune.

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