Saint Honore Cake Shop, Haymarket

Old skool cream cakes.

Saint Honore Cake Shop

I have not tried many cakes in this old skool Chinatown cake shop before but it is a safe bet that I will be making return trips very often. Saint Honore Cake Shop reminds me of my grandma. When I was a little girl, there are countless times that grandma and I will head over to our local confectionery to pick up bouncy white bread and also cream cakes. It isn’t important that the cake may be a little dry or need a little more cream but these are comfort cakes to me. These cakes take me back to a good place. :)

There are different types of cake. Pandan rolls. Green tea roll. Taro roll and the list goes on. There are also different mochi flavours, all sorts of buns, mango crepes cake and a few types of pastry that I fail to remember what they are. I also love the egg and ham bun. Soft white bread with egg cake and a slice of thick suspicious looking ham. It really doesn’t matter. Throw away your fear of white bread and bad sugar when you walk into this shop. It isn’t about the quality. It is about the memories. For me.

Saint Honore Cake Shop
427-429 Sussex Street, Haymarket Chinatown Sydney
(02) 9281 1628

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