Round up – International Sichuan Incident Party

international sichuan incident party

This International Sichuan Incident Party round up is dedicated to those that have participated and been so supported in the last party that I did not join in as my dad has recently passed. It has been almost 4 weeks but it still hurts. My mum will be arriving this Saturday and it will be great to have her around. It has been quite tough for her alone in Singapore but also very thankful to my relatives and her girlfriends that have accompanied her since I left to come back to Melbourne.

So let’s get going with the round up. Let’s check out all the lovely Sichuan dishes that the girls have come up with. Oh and if I remembered correctly, it is also Cherrie’s birthday! Happy Birthday girl… hope I got it right?

Maya from Foodiva’s Kitchen – Ants Climbing Tree

Leaf from The Indolent Cook – Sichuan inspired dan dan congee

Gourmet Getaways – Sichuan spicy chicken

Evelyn of Cheap Ethnic Eatz – BBQ Sichuan Pork Ribs

Mardi of Eat. Live. Travel. Write – Kung Bao Chicken

Amanda of Dancing Veggies – Sichuan eggplant

Birthday girl Cherrie of Sweet Cherrie Pie – Wontons in spicy chilli oil

Trix of Tasty Trix – Spicy Mapo Paneer

Thank you again girls! I hope that this challenge has infused a little spice in your life and learnt a little more about Sichuan food. :)

Now for August’s International Incident Party theme. We are heading to Mexico and also my favourite meal of the day, breakfast. So this month’s theme will be Mexican breakfast and please post at the same time at 11am (Melbourne time) on the 28th of August. Yes! More spicy goodness and hope that all of you are up for the challenge. I am excited to get back into it so please click on the linky below to join me :)

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