Round up – International Incident Mexican Breakfast Party

international incident mexican breakfast party

To many of you, Asian ingredients and cooking techniques may seem really exotic, foreign and a little magical. For me, it is Mexico! All the off cuts and weird parts of animals in a soft taco. Delicious. And then hawker seafood in Tijauna. I am salivating just thinking about it. I am desperately dropping hints to Mister and even started creating a google map of places to eat and explore for Mexico!

I love watching Bizarre Foods by Andrew Zimmern and one of my favourite episode is the trip that he took in Baja, Mexico. I want to head to those places that he went. Check out this episode where he had brain taco! OH YUM!!

As much as I love all the offal and weird stuff that he ate, I love what everyone did for the Mexican Breakfast Party as well. I have learnt about Mexican food from everyone. Mexican food is fresh and vibrant. It isn’t about the cheese and more cheese dishes that so many of the Mexican places in Melbourne tend to serve.

So let’s check what everyone made.

Evelyn of Cheap Ethnic Eatz – Pan Dulce

Maya of Foodiva’s Kitchen – Huevos Divorciados or Divorced Eggs

Mardi of Eat Live Travel Write – Mexican Breakfast in Mexico

Trix of Tasty Trix – Chicken and pork posole with avocado, radish, cilantro & lime

Shirley of Enriching your kid! – Guacamole tacos

Amanda of Dancing Veggies – Mexican Style Quiche

Liyian of Love to Cook Love to Eat – The not very Mexican Eggs

Last but not least, my Mexican eggs with smoked eel.

Thanks everyone that participated. I cannot wait till the day we travel to Mexico and indulge ourselves.

In the month of September, I will be hosting a Cobbler themed party.  I love cobbler. Just think about all the different combinations. Think outside of the box I say and make something that will make everyone go “OMG!”

Sign up here on linky and let’s get on with the party. See you all on the 28th of September at 11am (Melbourne time).