Round up #7 – International Incident Eggs Party

Another month and another round of creation from everyone around the world! Eggs. Most people that I know love eggs. What is it about eggs that people love? It is so versatile and tastes good by itself. I love eggs in its simplest form. Just a soft boil egg with a touch of dark sauce and kaya toast. A flood of memories. Since my almost failed attempt of making kaya, I have been putting off trying to make kaya. And also making kaya brings nostalgia and I want it perfect. A challenge to all maybe? Let me know what you think.

As suspected, this month’s challenge was indeed rather challenging. However, everyone came up with the goods. Ok… please enjoy all the eggy porn presented by fellow food bloggers from around the globe! :)

Michelle Chin – Steamed Egg and Milk Dessert

Emma of Cake Mistress – Sri Lankan Love Cake

Agnes of Off the Spork – Slow cooked eggs

Tammy of Koreanfornian Cooking – Korean egg toast

Birthday people – Honey & Soy – Egg tasting plate

Caryn of Pepper, Salt, Sugar, Spice – Trio of steamed eggs

Birthday girl – Natasha – 5 Star Foodie – Deviled Eggs with Potato, Irish Cheddar, and Bacon

Judy of Foodie Dreams – Egg Covered Rice

Shirley of Enriching your kid – Egg Chutney

Evelyne of Cheap Ethnic Eatz – Beet and Chinese Tea Eggs

Conor of Hold the Beef – Poached Eggs and Mary’s Bloody Balls Breakfast

Mardi of Eat Live Travel Write – Chocolate mousse

Brie of Le Grand Fromage – Curried Egg Salad Sandwiches

Amanda of Dancing Veggies – Greek Eggs

Shellie of Iron Chef Shellie – Huevos Rancheros

Nancy of SpicieFoodie – Classic Egg Salad

Ju of Little Teochew – Roasted Pumpkin Quiche

My beautiful c0-host & birthday girl , Trix of Tasty Trix – Viennese Eiersala

Cherrie of Sweet Cherrie Pie – Meringue nest with orange curd

Claudia of What’s Cooking Italian – Crab & Shrimp Omelette

Jo of Second Helping – Scrambled eggs with caviar

Barbara of Barbara Bakes – French Scrambled eggs

Rachael of Happiness is a shared meal – Sandwich of meringue with macerated raspberries, vanilla glaze and tiramisu ice cream

Foodiva – Eggs on a cloud

Christine of Christine’s Recipe – Homemade Salted eggs

And my humble tea eggs

Spiced tea eggs

Spiced tea eggs

This are all the eggy goodness and I hope that everyone had fun with it. And now to announce next month’s theme – Lavender. I had a couple of emails from fellow food bloggers that they may not have access to lavender. So for those that aren’t able to grab hold of lavender in any way – fresh, dried & essence, then please pick a flower to use. I am reframing the last sentence. You can choose to use lavender or think outside the box. Take the colour of lavender or the frangrance if you do not like or not have access to it. There are so many options. I am sure many of you are creative and will come up with brilliant ideas and references to next month’s theme. The next party date is on the 24th of Oct at 11am Melbourne time. And just remember to have FUN.

Time to sign up via Linky and remember to let me know if it is your birthday month. There is the opportunity to co-host with me.