Porch and Parlour, North Bondi

We spent most of Easter this year in Melbourne. It was really good to catch up with old friends and celebrating my birthday and time with them. The trip was too short as usual and there was no time to catch up with more people and to visit new yummy places. Still lots of good fun with lots of chats through the night and into the early morning. As a group, we even watched the whole season of True Detective! I love my friends.

However, we also love being back in Sydney and enjoying the blue skies and warmer weather. It was Easter Monday and surprisingly many cafes were open even with the high penalty rates. The punters like us are the ones that pay for it anyway. At Porch and Parlour, it was an extra 20% that is added to the total of the bill. After lots of food and alcohol binging in Melbourne, I thought Porch and Parlour will be the perfect cafe to check out and it was also an excuse for a beach walk after.

porch parlour bondi

We started with our usual coffee order. They use Will and Co coffee here. I am not a big fan of it but it seems that it is well loved by many. Nice coffee cup and that is about it.

will and co coffee

The smoothies here are amazing. I have tried them. The green smoothie is a concoction of spinach, mango, banana and rice milk. The berry detox is a mixed berries, apple and ginger smoothie. I’ve also been back here and had the coconut and banana smoothie. Super yum and its made of young baby coconut juice with fresh banana. The young baby coconut juice is the one that you can find easily in lots of Vietnamese grocery shops. But be prepared to pay $10.80 for each smoothie. A touch on the expensive side.

smoothie from parlour and porch

I will highly recommend the green pea pancake with smash egg ($19.80). It probably does not look as good but it tastes amazing. Very fresh, light and the salad is dressed well. I am not a green salad person but this has changed my mind.

green pea pancake

Mister ordered the veggie and almond burger ($19.20). It’s served on a soft seedy bun with jalapeno and cheese with sprouts and tomato salsa. This serving is pretty huge. I don’t miss the meat in this burger. The veggie pattie is packed with flavour and has a nice texture with the almond running through it. One to make at home for sure!

veggie and almond burger

We have been back a couple of times since this visit. And I am such a sucker for its expensive but yummy smoothie. Everything is great here. I love the casual chic of this place. It is mostly visited by locals but if you are around the area and don’t mind a bit of wait, it is worth the visit.

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