Planning – Ramen adventure

Hello fellow friends,

In my earlier post about ‘The search of the best tonkotsu ramen in Melbourne’, it did conclude and mentioned that a few Melbourne food bloggers and myself have decided to embark on a one day ramen adventure. After many email exchanges, we have confirmed on a rating system and its criteria.

  1. Broth
  2. Noodle
  3. Toppings

Each one of us will rate the restaurant/ cafe from one to five. The highest average score will take the crown of being Melbourne’s best.

This is our current list and we have yet to drill it down to 6 which we believe is achievable in one day. So if you think that there are any others that deserve to be on the list before we make our final decision, please leave a comment below :)

Just added: After many emails with fellow bloggers and having to use the good toss of coin, this is the final 6. And the adventure will commence at 11.30am on Easter Monday. You can follow our twitter stream by searching for #ramenhunters

  1. Ramen Ya
  2. Momotaro Rahmen
  3. Ajisen Ramen
  4. Menya Ramen
  5. Chocolate Buddha
  6. Ito Noodle Cafe
  7. Meshiya
  8. Happy Kappa

And these are my fellow ramen hunters:

A little obsessed with this ramen adventure, I found a series of Ramen Top30 videos on YouTube to share with everyone. This is just one of the many. :)

Due to the nature of adventure, it is rather difficult to get everyone that expressed their interest to join us (physically) this time. This group have to kept tight as we will be travelling from one place to the next. And also some cafes/restaurants may be put off by a large group of people with only half an order. So please forgive me! And there is no doubt that there will be more of these food hunt in the coming months. But we still need your RAMEN support!

~~ the ramen hunters

What other food do you think is deserving of our attention?