Paramount Coffee Project, Surry Hills

I am always excited when a new cafe opens in Surry Hills. The old and dingy Paramount House is now revamped and has come alive by the opening of the very exciting Golden Age Cinema & Bar, Tokyo Bikes and Coffee Paramount. This cafe is a collaboration between Russell Beard of Reuben Hill and Mark Dundon of Melbourne’s Seven Seeds.

Mister was the one that noticed the new cafe and said “Hey! That cafe looks really Melbournian! Is it Seven Seeds related?” I had high expectations and it did not disappoint. I love the lightness of the design. It is really spacious and there is a separate section for all filtered coffee.

How does the food stack up? We had a Saturday brunch date with @AdamGDunn, his better half and a friend visiting from Melbourne. As usual, we wanted almost everything on the menu. This is what we ordered. @AdamGDunn ordered the Crab Po Boy. It’s deep fried soft shell crab with house slaw, ranch dressing and milk bun. I did not try it but it was given the thumbs up by  @AdamGDunn. He also mentioned that the soft shell crab is nice and crunchy. Good sign of a good deep fry.

soft shell crab po boy

His better half was gently nudged to order the double fried chicken. The chicken is very juicy and tender. However, the coating was not as crunchy as expected. It was on the verge of a soggy texture. It comes with the house slaw and creole relish.

double fried chicken

The predictive Mister ordered the PCP waffle which is topped with a thick slice of maple bacon, fried egg, guacamole and pico de gallo ($17). Mister said that he needed something that binds it all together. More maple syrup or perhaps more guacamole? It was a touch bland but we are a picky lot.

PCP waffle bacon

Our friend from Melbourne got himself a Arrollado. It’s a wrap or looks like a burrito that is filled with egg, bacon, kale, avocado and house made ketchup ($14).


I love my order of the Cajun Blacken Fish. It has a nice amount of spice and heat. It is accompanied by creole salad and a squeeze of the charred lime definitely brought the dish alive. I will definitely order this again but will have to go through the menu first before I do. :)

Cajun Blacken Fish

For those that are interested in breakfast, then perhaps check out the Brickfields toasted sourdough with peanut butter, the French toasted brioche bread with banana custard or the natural muesli with yoghurt, berries and poached fruits. They all sound yummy!

And now back to the coffee. I started with a Seven Seed V60 filtered coffee. @AdamGDunn ordered a cold drip from Small Batch. Both were clean tasting but perhaps we should try it prior to having food. It did felt a little lacking in flavour and depth.

Seven Seeds

The double espresso was exceptionally good. Very smooth, no acidity and enjoyable. The one in the jar is the cold drop from Small Batch.

small batch

I do love the latte and flat white here. And I am very happy that Coffee Paramount is just round the corner from our new place. In the last few months, the quality of coffee in Sydney has improved by leaps and bounds. The attention to detail is improving and there is more care in making a good cup of coffee than just rushing through the process. You will be seeing more tweets and instagram photos from Coffee Paramount as I go through its menu one at a time.

Paramount Coffee Project
Add: 80 Commonwealth Street, Surry Hills
Hours: 7am – 5pm

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