Packing, moving and why I miss Melbourne

I shall be back after this week. I have been busy working and packing for the move this weekend. Plus, I had relatives and @mamajeroxie to entertain in the last couple of weeks. Everything is happening at the same time and it has been a little overwhelming. On top of everything, I was away in Melbourne last weekend. I flew into Melbourne on Friday for our annual company night out and decided to spend the weekend and catching up with friends.

I miss Melbourne coffee. Nothing here in Sydney is on par with Melbourne. I may not have tried the best but after 10 months, Melbourne still offers the best coffee and it keeps getting better. This coffee is from Market Lane. It is not the best but still beats what is here in Sydney. Also checked out De Clieu on Getrude Street and it is pretty damn good. Fucking amazing coffee Melbourne! I miss YOU.

Market Lane coffee

Latte from Market Lane

Most of all, I miss my FRIENDS in Melbourne. I wish I could package them up and take them here. I enjoyed an awesome but short lunch with some of them on Sunday before I flew back to Sydney. The food at Albert Street kicked some serious ass. I wish I had time for dessert but had to leave in a hurry to catch a flight.

Glass of rose from albert street

Enjoying a glass of Rose from Albert Street

I shall be back blogging next week or hopefully Sunday. Might have an awesome GIVEAWAY and I can’t wait to share it with you. I have been trying it out at home for the last couple of weeks as well. See you all soon. I have to get back to packing….. ZzzZZzzZZzzzzzzzz!