Oxford Tavern, Petersham

It has been awhile since we have last caught up with both Angie (Angie loves to eat) and Simon (The heart of food). We decided to catch up at Oxford Tavern for some yummy BBQ meat feast and to head down to the Petersham Portuguese Food Festival after.

It started bucketing down once we arrive at Oxford Tavern. Nothing wrong in staying in and eating all the meat! This place is really casual and suitable for all including families. Everyone is here for the same thing – EAT.

oxford tavern

It was tempting to order everything from the BBQ menu but we refrained ourselves. We ordered the Dino rib ($8 per 100g), Beef brisket ($7 per 100g), Pulled pork ($5 per 100g) and lamb ribs ($5 per 100g). My favourite is the Dino rib. Super tender, packed with flavour and I did feel a little like Fred Flintstone. The lamb ribs is delicious but way too fatty. The platter came with buns and slaw. But you can order extra slaw if you need it.


The pulled pork was made into a little mini burger. It was yum! And I made a burger from the different meat cuts above. Too greedy!

pulled pork burger


We also ordered the smoked mega snag ($7 each) and the burnt end beans ($6). I do like a good sausage but the burnt beans were too moorish but I was aware of the side effects that it had on me and had to stop eating it.

beans and sausage


We had a lot of fun taking photos of food. It was not as packed yet and Simon took the opportunity to show off some photography stance! Teehee“`


And as usual, we always over order. It was still raining so why not check out the snack menu. I had to order the Buffalo cauliflower balls ($14) that is served with Frank’s hotsauce and blue cheese sauce. This is a vegan dish. I wish I can love it but was not entirely impressed. It was a little bland by its own and I guess that is why the sauces are available to boost the flavour. Perhaps I was expecting a cheese ball that can stand on its own without sauces.

buffalo cauliflower balls

And I can’t say no to Fried chicken ($15) with red eye mayo. I was expecting the skin to be more crispy and found the chicken pieces a little dry. Not the best fried chicken. I guess I shall stick to Mary’s fried chicken.

fried chicken

And last but not least, we tried the cheeseburger. I can’t say no to $5 cheeseburger! It is pretty good and I rather have this than McDonalds.  Love the soft bun, right amount of beef patty , nice pickle and ketchup. Order it.

cheese burger

The rain did stop. We headed toward the Petersham food festival for a short recci. True to the form of food bloggers, we ended up at Sweet Belem which is famous for its Portuguese tart. They were lovely and not too sweet! This outing has been a success! Let’s do it again.

Oxford Tavern
Address: 1 New Canterbury Road, Petersham NSW
Tel: (02) 8019 9351
Web: theoxfordtavern.com.au


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