Breakfast at One Penny Red, Summer Hill

My life is a bit of a flatline at the moment. Perhaps with the warmer weather, hopes and dreams can be rekindled and the urge for exploration is ignited again. A little heavy for a Sunday morning but this blog has been a vehicle of self expression and opinions. I am not even sure where this blog is going and what is next as it has been neglected and I hardly have time for it. I need some me time, some time for reflection and get my drive back.

It has been awhile since Mister and I had a nice breakfast together. With his food elimination diet, it was hard for him to find anything in cafes and restaurants that cater for his needs. And the whole ordeal of asking and requesting for specially made dishes is just too hard. So far, gluten and some fish is back in the diet and this allows for more options. First stop, One Penny Red in Summerhills. I love the setting of this cafe by day and restaurant by night establishment. The space was bright and airy with a beautiful outdoor area and high ceiling indoors. I have only heard of good things so far.

coffee and juice

With gluten back in, it’s pancakes with house sugar cured bacon and maple syrup ($15). It looks and tastes delicious! Simple, no fuss ingredients prepared and cooked well.

pancakes at One Penny Red

I opted for the quinoa fritter which a 63 degree egg, house salmon gralax and avocado. Again simple ingredients that is well presented and cooked well. I love the idea of the quinoa fritter. I thought it was something that I could cook for Mister but it is binded by eggwhite so we shall have to wait and see. The simple dill and watercress salad was well dressed. Every ingredient stood as its own. Love it.

quinoa fritters

The portion size is not huge but just right. Seems like we need to head back to check out their dinner menu soon. If you out this way, drop in for a bite. It’s worth it.

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One Penny Red, Summer Hill
Address: 2 Moonbie St, Summer Hill NSW 2130
Phone:(02) 9797 8118
Hours: Monday – Thursday: 4:00pm-12:00am, Friday: 12:00pm-12:00am, Saturday: 10:00am-12:00am, Sunday: 10:00am-10:00pm