My first guest post – How to prepare proper fishcakes

I was over the moon when Divina of Sense & Serendipity asked if I would be a guest blogger for her blog. Actually, I did panic a little as I have little knowledge of healthy foods. So this was a real challenge for me and one that I wanted to do well.

Some of you may find Divina quite familiar. She was my first guest blogger while I was away in Bali and crafted this beautiful post – Pineapple Quinoa with Goji Berries and Arugula. Her blog is full of yummy but nutritional recipes. Her stories are heart warming and she has always been supportive not only to me but many other bloggers.

Currently, she is on the 28 day Real Food Challenge. This challenge is designed to:”

“Introduce newcomers to the principles behind a wholesome, nourishing diet and to reinvigorate the energy of those who’ve been practicing traditional foods for a while, we’ll meet our goals one day at a time throughout the entire month.  Learn how to stock your pantry, how to source wholesome foods, how to reduce costs, hot to mitigate antinutrients naturally present in certain foods and how to improve your diet step-by-step through nourishing, real food.  Simple as it is, the 28-day challenge is designed to walk you through a transition into real food one step at a time.”

You can click here to follow her journey.

Fish cake with simple salad

Fish cake with simple salad

For my first guest blog, I wanted to do something a little special. I wanted to use something from our little garden and so I waited for this month to guest blog. It was a pity that the tomatoes were not ready but at least the rest of my herbs were flourishing. And also I wanted to share the secret to bouncy fishcakes or fish balls. So please head over to Divina of Sense & Serendipity and check out my guest post and recipe and my first video that I’ve made.

Thanks again Divina for the opportunity to guest blog. Till the next time I hope :)

Do you have a favourite all time recipe to share? Please!