Mochi ice cream

A whinge. The customs at Melbourne Airport is seriously questionable. I pity the people that have to go through 7 plane load of people that lands at the same time every morning. It will be fine for a bigger and more efficient airport but not this airport. It needs an upgrade to cater for the increase influxation of both visitors and returning residents. Also it is so disorganised. A belt for luggage and then another for boxes and not inform the passengers? I overheard so many distressed and annoyed conversations from arriving passengers. And no proper signs for exit. My mum was stuck in there for 2.5hrs going around in circles and kept waiting for her luggage.

A happy observation. Standing and waiting at the arrival hall reminded me of the movie, Love Actually. I love the airport scene. I saw and experience all this while I waited and waited. There as a couple of really touching moments. One of them was from visiting grandparents. The grandson dashed out and gave them a big hug each and calling poppies and nana. so may hugs and kisses. And then another one was a returning mum from a long trip and the baby boy went “mama mama mama” with his outreached arms. The tears in her eyes said it all.

Ok. Now back to being a food blog and not a sooky la la. I wrote this post ages ago for a client. The job was cancelled so why waste a post right? And it is summer which means more ice cream and more cold desserts recipes.

I have an obsession with mochi. Once I discovered how easy to make mochi, which is also known as Daifuku, there is no stopping me. If you love store bought mochi, you will love home made mochi. Ok… too much mochi love you say? Since summer is almost a blink of an eye away, let me present to you mochi ice cream. I usually get them in stores and they are rather expensive. One box of mochi mini ice cream is between $9 – $11.

Mochi ice cream in mould

Mochi ice cream in mould

Let me show you how easy and fun it is to make your very own mochi ice cream. By the way, I kept the plastic mochi trays and it is really useful when making these round mochi ice cream. I make, pop them into the tray, return to its box and into the freezer till it is ready to consumption.

Mochi ice cream


  • 50g of glutinous rice flour
  • 90g of water
  • 25g of sugar
  • 4 balls of ice cream flavour of your choice
Prepping mochi ice cream

Mochi ice cream in mould


  • Prepare the ice cream first. Soften the ice cream and then scoop some out onto a plate or mould and freeze it till hard
  • Stir the rice flour and water until they are all combined. Add the sugar and stir till they all dissolve
  • Mircowave the mixture for on high for 2 mins. If it turns into a shiny, sticky dough that does not stick to the side of the bowl, it is ready
  • Place a plastic wrap on the table. Flour it generously with corn flour
  • Place the sticky dough on the corn flour. Pat your hands with corn flour and start stretching it so that it is flat and quite thin. It cools down really quickly so work fast
  • Use a cookie cutter and cut round circles. Place the ice cream balls onto each circle and wrap it around and pinch at the bottom
  • Place the balls back into the mould (I used ones that I bought the mochi ice cream with) and freeze it for a few hours

Green tea mochi ice cream

No more $11 a packet of mochi ice cream! This is so easy to make. And you can have so much fun with it. The skin is so much softer and you can’t turn back after having a home made mochi ice cream. And of course, you can choose to make your own ice cream from scratch.

What flavour ice cream will you use as filling?