Melbourne Food Bloggers’ Dinner – Are you coming?

Melbourne Food bloggers dinner

Am I crazy? After reading about the food bloggers dinner in Sydney, I wanted to do this as well. Freaking scary? Hell yes but what the hell right? If we dine out and act as if we know about food, then I thought why not try cooking for the public and allow them to tear us to pieces. Taking in good criticism is the best way to learn. It has been a huge learning curve so far. Sometimes fun and sometimes, a little frustrating.

I will like to thank the people of Miss Jackson in allowing us to run amok in their kitchens. Very daring indeed! Also to Yan2 & Simon for the poster design and logo. And of course, my fellow Melbourne food bloggers that are willingly to take up this challenge with me.

What I want you, Melbournians, to do is to come and join myself, Billy, Mat, Jess, Ed and Sarah at Miss Jackson.

Details as follows:

Location: Miss Jackson Cafe 2/19 Grey Street St. Kilda (enter via Jackson Street)
Date: 8th of November at 6.30pm
Cost: 5 courses with matching wines @ $100 per head
Booking & Enquires:

Love to see you there! Don’t be too hash on us OK?