Melbourne 2013

It was a short trip back to Melbourne to run some personal errands and just to catch up with friends. It feels like whenever I head back to Melbourne, it is more about my friends than where should I go stuff my face. I did not visit anywhere as exciting as many will expect me to. I was happy to have great and awesome coffee, catch up with old friends and just do my own thing for a little bit. If you have not noticed, I have not been blogging much. Work has been quite consuming and any free time is spent chilling out instead of sitting in front of a computer.

I have managed to montage my trip back to Melbourne. It has been crazy rain in Sydney and I was initially happy to get to dry land but Melbourne was just scorching hot! When I first landed and got to Southern Cross station, my first port of call was Patricia’s in the city for a freaking awesome cup of flat white. in my first evening, I caught up with friends that came down to Naked of Saturn to say Hi. It is nice and totally chill out. No crazy massive night. We are all getting old and wiser. Hangovers aren’t fun anymore and it takes longer to get over it.

melbourne 2013

The next day, Miss W and I went over to a nearby cafe, Penny Farthing Espresso for a late breakfast. I had 2 coffees – one latte and one cold drip. The breakfast was delicious. I had the wild mushrooms and polenta. It was a baked polenta with a wild mushroom paste, shaved radish, white chia, quinoa, rocket salad and topped with a poached egg. Nice idea of having wild mushroom paste instead of slices. It is less earthy but gave it a more delicate taste. And I love the texture from the chia and quinoa. After our breakfast, I followed Miss W to a Lebanese supermarket in Northcote. It is amazing. Everything is so affordable and I had supermarket envy. I wonder if there is a place like that in Sydney?

In the same evening, I caught by with other friends for a lo hei at Jade Kingdom. I love this old skool Malaysian restaurant and have been back here for lo hei for a few times. The lo hei here is really authentic and reasonable. The rest of the dishes were amazing. I love all dishes but was very impressed with the stuffed chicken and most likely because I will never be able to cook this at home. The chicken meat below is made into chicken balls texture and then stuffed under the skin. I wish I could explain a little better but it is mind blowing good. And the sticky, fatty pork hock – O M G! We had a fair bit to drink and then headed to Eveleigh for a couple of Martin Miller & tonic to end the night. Hmmmm…. actually, we went back to Miss W place and had a cider, chatted and then to bed. I miss the girls!

It was an early start the next day. We visited a friend that recently had a baby. What a mission to get there though! For some reason the train did not work? We had to change to a bus to Richmond, get some banh mi, coffees from Three Bags and then headed to JD house. The baby is super cute but what hard work. How can a parent go back to work with so much work to do? And the baby needs constant attention. How does one get prepared for a baby? Life changes drastically and priorities change big time.

Lunch was at Fonda which is located on Swan Street, Richmond. The fish tacos was pretty good but it was just too warm to really enjoy eating. We were all feeling really tired from the heat. That evening, I left Miss W at home and headed off to Newmarket to catch up with fellow Melbourne food bloggers. I just wish I had a car instead of taking public transport. Such torture but having said that, the Victorian PTV app for public transport has been very useful. It was accurate in arrival time and  breeze to use.

Miss W had to work on Monday and I had errands to run. It turned out to be an almost disastrous morning trying to get to my one and only appointment. The train was delayed at North Melbourne and then instead of heading towards my destination, it changed! So I ended up in Footscray (which is why I ended by with an Olympic donut), can’t get a cab, took train back to North Melbourne and then taking one to my final destination. After that horrible experience with public transport, I headed towards Kensington and to my favourite cafe, The Premises. Coffee from Seven Seeds and a freaking awesome breakfast to calm my nerves. I sat by the window, sipped on my perfectly made latte and read. I ordered the chorizo sausage with potato hash on saffron aioli and poached egg. This is my kind of breakfast. I did end up staying quite long. It was great to just chill out on a Monday morning.

I had to do some shopping in Melbourne and headed towards Brunswick Street in Fitzroy. The train stopped at Parliament and so made a quick stop at Spring Street Grocer for my second round of gelato goodness. I had the blackberry and goat curd the first time and it was just amazing. In the second, I had spiced figs and that was crazy good too. It is fatty creamy and almost as good as Messina in Sydney. But I have to admit the flavours tops Messina. And then it was a tram ride to shopping. And guess what? The tram stopped just before Gertrude Street. My public transport disaster continues. So I walked in the heat and determine to get my last amazing coffee at De Clieu before shopping. If I had proper luggage instead of just a handcarry, I might have bought the whole of Gertrude and Brunswick street. I even found a brow treading bar!

It was time to head to the airport. Guess what again! Tram stopped working due to the crazy heat. I thought that I was going to miss my flight and at that time, I just wanted to go  back to Sydney. I really had no luck with public transport that day and blamed it on the Year of the Water Snake. Ok… stupid I know but it was that moment of frustration. And you know what else? Flight back to Sydney was super delayed. I was glad to be back to Sydney and back home with Mister. As much as I enjoyed the coffees and friends in Melbourne, I love being home in Sydney. Now I have to plot to get all my friends to Sydney……

Melbourne, you have been fun and delicious as always. See you again soon.