Meatless Mondays – Double broccoli with Israeli couscous

When I first saw this broccoli recipe on 101 Cookbooks, I knew that I have to make this. Simple and clever dishes like this makes me smile. I took the idea and changed some of the ingredients. I used what I got in the pantry and refrigerator. It is so easy to get out there and buy ingredients that we only ever use once or twice and then forgotten until an invasion by ants or get thrown out during the once a year pantry clearing day. I am ashame and disgusted with myself. This bad habit will have to go.

Instead of getting a packet of quinoa, I used Israeli couscous that was in my pantry and had bought for a previous recipe instead. To some, the Israeli couscous may be a little chewy or has a bite to it but I like it. It has a firm texture, does not clump up like the usual couscous and holds the shape really well. It is actually a wheat-based baked pastan that is shaped like a pearl. It takes a much longer time to cook than the usual couscous. But like couscous and pasta, it takes on flavour really well.

Israeli couscous

Israeli couscous

In this recipe, I have less couscous and more vegetables. I always tend to have less carbs if possible in a dish. And after binge eating over Chinese New Year, this was a welcomed change. I have also made more broccoli pesto. This can be kept and used for pasta or just eat it on its own. ;)  By the way, I took this photo without the Holy Goat Veloute. I sliced the cheese and just layered it on top and ate. So freaking good! I love every single bite. On it’s own, it definitely needed more seasoning or chilli oil as suggested by 101 Cookbooks. But with the Veloute, it was just perfect. A touch of black pepper and it was ready t0 be consumed.

Double broccoli with Israeli couscous

Double broccoli with Israeli couscous

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  • 440g of brocoli chopped into florets
  • 50g of silvered almonds
  • 40g of grated romano percorino
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 200g of Israeli couscous
  • Holy Goat Veloute (white mound goat cheese – highly recommended if you are in Victoria, Australia) Optional
  • Salt and pepper
  • 2tbsp of olive oil


  • 1 part of couscous to 2 parts heavily salted water. Cooking time does vary and mine took about 10mins. Drain and set aside
  • While waiting for the couscous to cook, prepare the brocoli. Bring water to boiling point and then turn down to simmer. Add salt and broccoli. Cover and cook for a minute. Strain and run under cold water. Set aside
  • Take half of the brocoli and put it into the food processor with garlic, 40g of almonds, salt and about 2tbsp of olive oil. Blitz and make sure it is still chuncky. Add the pecorino and then pulse till the right consistency. It depends if you still like the bits or if you like it smooth and creamy. Set aside
  • Once all the elements are ready, just put everything together. Add more salt if required but I added Holy Goat Veloute and topped with more almonds