Mary’s, Newtown

There is everything to love about Mary’s. It is located in the backstreet of Newtown on Mary Street and does not have a signboard. Why need a signboard when it is that awesome. Mary’s is about the burgers and fried chicken. It has a good and decent selection of wine, cocktails, beer and cider on tap. This is what I am talking about. One does not need a massive menu to pull the crowd. The dishes on menu just have to be awesome and people will flock. I want burger. Let’s go Mary’s. I want fried chicken. Let’s go Mary’s. This is how street food in Asia does it. I want CKT or char kway teow in Penang. Let’s go Two Sisters. It is that simple.

The photos taken with my Nikon was accidentally delete by yours truly. And when I went down the second time, I forgot the memory card. This will have to do. Photos from my iPhone.  Mary’s is not huge and sits about 82 people upstairs and down. We are usually here on Sunday lunch time. There is the odd family with prams. I guess they disappear as the day goes into night.

mary newtown

Mary’s have a history with not so nice tenants. It had a pool hall, a Greek’s men club and even a sexual health center. So what right? It is now Mary’s. A bar that serves one of Sydney’s best fried chicken and burger. One must not forget the very humble mash and gravy ($5). It is the absolute bomb! So creamy and buttery. And we ordered a double Mary’s burger. Super moist beef patty on brioche bun. Each mouthful brings me a lot of joy. And the fried chicken? The skin is super crispy and the meat is super juicy. It got better from the first time we had it.

Mary’s got it absolutely spot on. It deserves at least one visit. And yes, there is a very delicious mushroom burger for the vegetarians.

mary's burger fried chicken

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