Mango and lime frozen yoghurt

I can’t believe that it is already middle of summer in Sydney. There has been a few hot days and one of them just passed recently which actually hit about 43℃ in Sydney and much higher in many parts of New South Wales. There were about 140 fires that were burning across NSW and it has been a very familiar scene in other parts of Australia.

In preparation of the 43℃ that was going to hit Sydney, I made some mango frozen yoghurt on the weekend prior. Organise much? I had frozen mangoes in the freezer and used the Greek yoghurt that I’ve received from Chobani. I wanted this to be more frozen mango than yoghurt. It will all make sense in a little bit.

making frozen yoghurt

I have been getting a fair bit of products from Chobani and actually enjoy eating them. They do fruit yoghurts like strawberry, blueberry, peach, passionfruit, pineapple and mango. My favourite of the lot is mango and passionfruit.


I tried freezing the mango flavour but decided to make my own so I can add more mango punch into it! Summer means mango and why not indulge when it is in season! So I dusted off my Cuisinart ice cream maker that I’ve received from  Kitchenware Direct and got cracking.

mango and lime froyo




  • 970g of frozen mango pieces
  • 450g of Chobani Greek yoghurt (or your preference of yoghurt)
  • 4tbsp of honey
  • Juice of 2 limes
  • Zest of 2 limes


  1. Add frozen mangoes, yoghurt, honey, lime juice and most of lime zest into a food processer. Blend until smooth
  2. Add the blended mango and lime into the ice cream maker and churn it accordingly
  3. You may choose to eat it once it is done or keep it in the freezer

It is so simple and absolutely mango-delicious! I kept some in a container and made the rest into mango and blueberries popsicles which Mister and I thoroughly enjoyed during this hot summer. Keep cool this summer and may it be filled with lot of mango and frozen yoghurt goodness. :)

mango blueberries frozen yoghurt