Mad Spuds Cafe, Surry Hill

It is hard to find a good cafe in Surry Hills that is not packed on the weekends. The peak hours are between 10am till 3pm and people just do not mind the queue. Even in the rain at times. People just queue with umbrellas. It is pretty amazing. So we time our cafe visits. It’s usually before 9am or after lunch peak. There may be a little wait as the cafes are small but not as bad as peak time.

We had a rather late dessert brunch at Flour & Stone with the usual suspects and thought to skip lunch. But by the time it got to late afternoon, we were both starving. Mister mentioned revisiting El Loco but I can’t imagine myself climbing up and down Foveaux Street. You see, I was still a little hungover from the previous night’s rendezvous.  I remembered that my first visit to Mad Spuds was a little disappointing and since Mister has not been, why not check it out again.

Inside Mad Spuds

Inside Mad Spuds – Love the small space

I had a camera failure. Battery was totally dead that the camera could not even be turned on. So all the photos are taken with my iPhone 4S and edited with Vintique which is currently my favourite photo app. It’s only $0.99 from the app store. I love the filters and the ability to edit the filters. And I love the frames. If you are a photo app addict like me, please get this app and have some fun!

Late lunch. Starting with tea and organic juice

The potatoes or spuds in Mad Spuds are sourced from Robertson in the Southern Highlands. Robertson is famous for its potatoes grown in rich organic red volcanic soil as well as the film, Babe. Mad Spuds uses mainly King Edward, Sebago, Desiree and Nicola and they are baked in a special potato oven called the King Edward potato oven. No wonder the potatoes here are always perfect and taste so good. Amazing!

We were spoilt with spud choices in this little cafe. The mad pan brekkie caught my attention and it did not disappoint. It was a pan filled with yummy goodness. The egg was beautifully poached, the borlotti and kidney beans in rich tomato sauce definitely filled me up, the sausages were delicious and my favourite was the real hash brown. The only disappointment was the sweet onion I was promised. It was not sweet and not cooked through.

Mad pan brekkie

mad pan brekkie ($16)

Mister order tacos beef. It’s perfectly baked potato skins filled with taco beef. To make them even more delicious, the spuds are topped with mozzarella, a dose of chilli, sour cream and topped with a light but fresh coleslaw. It is very easy to over indulge ourselves with this. This dish will make you love spuds even more. I am still salivating thinking about this dish. Mister is a non-potato lover and even he loved it so much. Delicious and recommended to serious potato lovers.

The cafe has been inventive with so many different spud dishes. I am not sure about the coffee but the food is definitely good enough for us to come back again and again.

Beef tacos but on perfectly cooked potato skin

Tacos beef $14

Mad Spuds Cafe
479 Crown Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010 Tel:(02) 9698 8108

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