Join me in Malaysia

It has been a while since I’ve been back to Malaysia. This is not a normal travelling type trip but to do our rounds with relatives. This is basically a eating trip as Mister comes from a famly of food. They love to eat, eat and more eating. His relatives have same and deferring opinions of where the good food is. Some of his aunties are brilliant cooks and I am in for a treat! But they all love to eat!

We flew into Malaysia very early in the morning. Our first stop was deep fried fish head noodle at this typical old restaurant called Woo Pin.  The broth was sweet, full of flavour and with a touch of milk. The sambal has a nice tangy spice to it. In my last few days of eating in Malaysia, I discovered that every of these hawker type restaurants have their own blend of sambal or chilli sauce. All delicious and it is a matter of personal preference. I must return to Sydney and try different styles and try and make one of my very own. I had a ‘sambal eye-opener”.

Deep fried fish head noodles from Woo Pin

Deep fried fish head noodles from Woo Pin. Small 5RM Large 8RM

I can’t remember the last time I was at Genting. Most likely with my Dad when I was a little girl. We headed to Genting for a feast cooked by Mister’s aunty and it was a huge gathering of relatives that he has not seen for a while. The aunties were cooking away when we got there. One was on the stove and another on the little stool making mooncakes. It was delicious chaos.

We were feed with all sorts of yummy goodies even before our bags landed on the floor. I love the super big chwee kueh with so many different sorts of toppings like muay choy (salted mustard green), sweet and salty radish, fried garlic, pounded sambal har bee (small prawns), sweet sauce and chilli sauce. It was all sorts of deliciousness but we had to refrain from eating too much before the big feast at night.

There was so much food and leftovers. Eating started when we got there about 3pm and ended about 11ish at night. I shall post about that later as it is another story and much more to tell.

Chwee kueh

The next day, we work up to a beautiful view of the Highlands.  This is the view from the apartment and does it not look amazing?

Looking at the Highlands

We were in search for this really good wonton noodles stall in Bukit Tinggi but alas it was not meant to be. The stall was close and we had to settle for second best which was a far cry. Even the ice kopi was a let down.

There was a few fruit and vegetables stall which sells home grown vegetables and bananas. And the aunties spent some time picking and choosing lots of fruits and ingredients. This is what I call organic and from the kampung. This is what these people have been doing for years and not think whether it is good for the environment. It was a way of life.

Bukit Tinggi

The aunties even bought this huge bunch of small bananas. This is the best when the tips are green like this. They were so sweet and perfect. The whole bunch cost 11RM. The photo I took is not the entire bunch. We separately the bananas into smaller bunches to distribute to the family. What are these bananas called? Amazing! Best banana that I’ve even had.

Tip – To keep bananas for longer, wrap and cover the stem with foil or glad wrap. Shall try this when I get back to Sydney.


After a rather disappointing breakfast run, we headed back To Aunty’s place but stopped by this huge snack shop for tourist. Who cares right? I need to ask what it is called. This place was so many different sorts of Malaysian snacks, condiments and stuff… yah… stuff. I tried so many snacks, kopi, teh and whatever that was there to try. It was at tourist type prices but the aunties were on the onslaught. “Just tumpang in the basket” said one of the Aunty. Tumpang means to hitch a ride or to piggyback. We did not pile on too much. Just enough as we were also heading to Penang for another round of onslaught later in the week!

All the yummy snacks! #malaysia #jeroxiekl

More to come. You can follow me on twitter – @jeroxie or instagram @jeroxie for more food and travel adventure in Malaysia. It will be off the beaten road (kind of) as we will be taken around by Mister’s Dad and Aunties. It will not be the usual touristy type places and more local and family orientated. However, I also may be in and out of internet reception…. so please bear with me.