John Smith Cafe, Waterloo

John Smith Cafe has certainly opened in an odd spot in Waterloo. There isn’t anything much around this area and this stretch is pretty unexciting. But I am sure the owners have done their research. On weekdays, it will probably cater the locals and because it serves amazing food and good coffee, punters will travel and queue for a weekend spot.

john smith cafe

I love the window seats that is lined with herbs like rosemar, basil and parsley. The menu is small but good. There is something for everyone. Mister could not resist the pulled pork eggs benedict. This is the mother of all eggs benedict. Close your eyes and imagine a thick, silky and generous blanket of hollandaise sauce over soft and rich pulled pork on a piece of sourdough bread. The side of thinly sliced fennel and pomegranate is well seasoned and was needed in such a rich dish. I had food envy.

pulled pork benedict

Why do I have food envy? And why did I order a wild mushroom with feta on sour dough? I must be out of my mind. I want to say I like it but sadly, I didn’t. The mushrooms lacked a punch. I might have been staring at the pulled pork while eating this in silence. Besides the pumpkin soup, this is probably the other dish available for vegetarians.

wild mushroom

Despite my unsuccessful breakfast ordering skill, Mister and I headed back a couple of weeks after. We were heading towards Alexandria for more furniture shopping and this was on the way. I heard so many good things about the pumpkin soup and was so glad that it was not sold out this time. I absolutely love this pumpkin soup. It has hints of cumin and love the addition of goat cheese dumplings. For me, this was the perfect pumpkin soup. It was winter comfort food.

pumpkin soup

Mister wanted something big and hearty and ordered the chicken burger. Apologies for the weird coloured chicken. The sun was in the way. But anyway, it is massive! It’s like a volcano eruption of shredded chicken! Mister tackled it by eating the salad bits first and then the meat and then the whole thing. If there is a will, there is always a way. No food envy this time. His dish did look and tasted amazing but I love my bowl of pumpkin soup.

chicken burger

It has been awhile since we went back. We will have to pay another visit soon. I heard that they have a cronut pulled pork burger or something? That is seriously naughty that I must have it. John Smith cafe is just on the fringe of Redfern and the infamous Fountain Street. Be prepared to wait a little but it is worth it.

**Photos were taken with Sony QX100. Thanks to Sony Australia for the opportunity to have so much fun with this camera lens. 

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John Smith Cafe, Waterloo
Address: 1 John St, Waterloo NSW 2017
Tel: 0422 855 811