International Incident Terrine Party

iip terrine

I was kicking myself when I realised that I have not posted about this yet! Sorry dear friends.

I made a terrine ages ago. Actually before I started a blog. I remembered it was salmon terrine. And there is something about terrine that I love to eat but find it really fiddly to do. I always think that arty people makes beautiful and pretty terrines. Making and creating terrine is process driven. It is like baking in many ways. So I fear. And which is why I thought this is a good motivation for me and I hope many, to overcome the fear.

As usual, I found this YouTube video. If she can make a terrine, I guess we all can!

Here are the simple rules for International Incident Terrine Party!

  1. Dishes must be on theme, of course. And please link back to
  2. We will all post the dish on the 28th of June at 11am (Melbourne) – You can convert to your local time here –
  3. Please post your post URL on the forum post with a 300px x 300px image. You will have to join up first if you have not
  4. Hashtag for twitter is #iip #terrineparty

Please copy and paste the code provided:

iip terrine

<a href=””><img title=”iip-banner-terrinez” src=”” alt=”International Incident Terrine Party” /></a>

Please copy and paste this HTML if you are using the badge on your website:

International Incident Party

<a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”” alt=”International Incident Party” border=”0″ width=”160″ height=”160″ /></a>

I have been so neglecting this baby and promise to pick it back up. After my trip and the new job, it is just taking me so long to get back into the groove. The new job is very demanding and I can’t spend as much time as I used to. But I really want to make sure that I keep this baby.
If you have not joined us for a while, I hope you take some time to this month? And also a reminder that it will be on the 28th of every month at 11am (Melbourne time). And let me know if you are an August baby!

Please sign up on linky below and let’s get going!