International Incident Gumbo Party

Please forgive me but I am still travelling. Right now, I am in New York and it is our last leg of our trip. It has been so great, met many super nice people and ate way too much. Even though I have been slack and it seems that only a small group of people will be participating in this party, it has to go on.

I did a quick search for gumbo youtube but can’t find any that is particularly helpful or funny. So I do apologise and this have to make do for now. And just remember it is an incident party :)

Here are the simple rules for International Incident Gumbo Party!

  1. Dishes must be on theme, of course. And please link back to
  2. We will all post the dish on the 15th of May at 11am (Melbourne) – You can convert to your local time here –
  3. Please post your post URL on the forum post with a 300px x 300px image. You will have to join up first if you have not
  4. Hashtag for twitter is #iip #cakepopsparty

Please copy and paste the code provided:

<a href=””><img title=”iip-cakepops” src=”” alt=”International Incident Gumbo Party” /></a>

Please copy and paste this HTML if you are using the badge on your website:

International Incident Party

<a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”” alt=”International Incident Party” border=”0″ width=”160″ height=”160″ /></a>

I hope to see more of you guys. So please sign up on linky and please let me know if it is your birthday month!