International Incident Cobbler Party

international incident cobbler party

A cobbler is basically a sweet (mostly fruity) or savory filling with a biscuit like pastry cooked on top of it. The fruit cobbler is really simple to make but so satisfying. It is dessert that I call hearty, comforting and no fuss. I am also ashame to say that I only have one cobbler recipe on this blog that I made awhile ago. This is all going to change as summer is approaching and all the beautiful peaches and berries will be in full bloom. And this summer, I must make more of this delicious dessert.

As usual, I have a YouTube video. Not a funny one this time but there are a couple of handy tips in there for you to explore. But if you are the cobbler expert, then please share some tips.

Here are the simple rules for International Incident Cobbler Party!

  1. Dishes must be on theme, of course. And please link back to
  2. We will all post the dish on the 28th of September at 11am (Melbourne) – You can convert to your local time here –
  3. Please post your post URL on the forum post with a 300px x 300px image. You will have to join up first if you have not
  4. Hashtag for twitter is #iip #cobblerparty

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international incident cobbler party

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International Incident Party

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If you have not joined us for a while, I hope you take some time to this month? And also a reminder that it will be on the 28th of every month. And let me know if you are an September baby!

Please sign up on linky below and let’s get going!