Grandma’s Little Kitchen, Alexandria

We made a trip to Bunnings on the day before @mamajeroxie arrived to pick up some non-slip floor covering for the stairs and some gardening stuff for our backyard. My little backyard potted herbs are beginning to flourish and because Sydney has a more constant and warmer weather, the herbs will definitely survive past autumn and maybe make it through winter. I have my fingers and toes cross!

Anyway, we passed by this newish place called Vicinity on our way home from Bunnings and so the next day before picking @mamajeroxie from the airport, we decided to cycle down and check this place out. The website has stated that it serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, we were disappointed as there was no breakfast menu but only items behind the counter like bits of pastry and panini. The coffee was acceptable but we paid $4.40 each for a strong flat white. Vicinity definitely left a rather undesirable impression. Not sure if we will make it back here for lunch or dinner.

Sunday morning coffee with @th0i3 This is a beautiful spot but pity no breakfast menu. #coffee

We strolled our bikes across the road to try our luck at The Grounds but as usual, the queue is massive. I did a quick search on Google and found out that Grandma’s Little Kitchen is close by and that was where we ended up for a late breakfast. The all day breakfast menu is vegetarian  and all the meals cooked here is done in a very healthy way as written on the blackboard:

  • No deep frying
  • No cooking with butter
  • No oils, other than Olive oil
  • No added cream
  • No added sugar, artificial colours or preservatives
  • No double heating meals

grandma little kitchen

There are more sitting at the back which is also part of the carpark and it has a little mini play area for kids.

grandma little kitchen

Grandma’s Little Kitchen has a shop and a takeaway area tucked behind the back. The shop is stocked with jams, biscuits, baked goods, frozen meals like borek and pastries, ice cream, sauces and many more. I bought some frozen borek and pastries for a quick mid week dinner. And we are heading back to get the beef goulash. It looked amazing behind the counter.

grandma little kitchen shop

So how is the food? I order the classic shakshuka  ($14.50). It came served on a board with the shashuka, 2 thick slices of bread and some sort of basil pesto with lots of olive oil. It is quite a hearty breakfast or brunch. The main ingredients for Shakshuka are eggs, thick tomato sauce or sugo, onions and herbs. The ingredients may be simple but the flavour is quite intense. I was pleasantly surprised.

By the way, they don’t use paper menu at this cafe but instead all the items are displayed on an Apple mini. It comes with a photo and detailed description of each dish. You select the one that you want and the waitress comes back and confirm the order and take it away. I thought it was clever until discovering that the order process is still quite manual. The Apple mini concept is an overkill if the menu is not connected to the kitchen and the cash register. Don’t you think? And I think the photography needs to be improved.

classic shakshuka

Mister ordered the feta and spinach borek. I didn’t care much of the plain and boring salad but is in love with the refreshing cucumber and yoghurt condiment. The borek itself is packed with flavour and totally vegetarian as well. It is a nice change from the usual cafe menu that we are accustomed to. I am not sure if the coffee is going to be any good from the reviews on Foursquare and I should not judge base on gut feeling.


Alexandria is such an odd space. There are lots of offices and warehouses around here. Like I mentioned in my previous post about Bread & Circus, this area will take time to grow. There are lots of new property development but the transportation to and from here seems really lacking. I wonder if there is any other nice little cafe like Grandma’s around this area?