Friends of Mine, Richmond

Friends of Mine
506 Swan St
Richmond, 3121
03 9428 7516
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I know I should be cooking more at home. Need to save money for our upcoming holiday in New Zealand. But I succumbed to laziness and also the yearning for good coffee and decent, wholesome breakfast. As I was going through my morning tweets, @FriendsofMine_ kept appearing in my tweet stream.. hmmm.. Richmond….. traffic and difficult parking. Yes or No? It was an early Sunday morning so why not. I did literally drag Mister out from bed early on Sunday morning. All in the name of good food!

Friends of Mine

Friends of Mine

Friends of Mine is opened by Jason Jones. Some of you may recognise this name. He is the man behind cafes like Porgie & Jones (have yet to visit… tsk tsk… so lazy right?) and Snowy Pony. Also he is one of the mastermind behind Bright Young Things. With such an impressive portfolio under his belt, Friends of Mine can only be good.

This is a shot from the bar counter where we sat.

Friends of mine

Both Mister and I order a strong latte. It came strong and very decent coffee served here. Check out my new smiggle wallet in the background. Replaced my Gucci wallet for a $9.95 smiggle. Crazy? But it fits my new spanking Samsung Galaxy i9000. Perfect. For now. And yes, I have switched from my beloved iphone to an Android phone. I love it though. It is such an easy transition. Will I return to an iphone? Yes I will but not now… let me play with my new toy first. :) Do you have brand loyalty?

Strong latte

Strong latte

Eggs and weekends is a match made in heaven. And so I ordered the eggs benedict. Instead of jam or bacon, it was served with smoked ham hock terrine. Delicious. Very delicate flavours but still bold enough to stand against the perfectly poached eggs (or rather poached goggles) and rather zingy hollandise sauce.

eggs benedict

eggs benedict

Mistered order the golden folded scrambles with fresh herbs and Holy Goat cheese on wholegrain toast. How can anyone resist those beautiful fluffy and meltingly soft scrambled eggs. The portion is just perfect for breakfast.

egg on bread

There is no shortage of really good weekend breakfast and lazy lunch places scattered all over Melbourne. And by the way, I saw this piece of news on the blackboard wall where I was seated.

“Coming up at the Friends”
Wine dinner with Harjoojee Gippsland wine – 17th of November. Bookings are essential.
$95 inclusive of 5 courses and wines

And for those living or working in the area, there is live jazz every Friday from 5 – 9pm. Enjoy!

Where and what is your favourite weekend cafe? Please share. If it is in Melbourne, I may just wander and try it out myself. Thanks!

Another announcement:

This is the first edition of Your Best Recipes (YBR) that is organised by lovely Nancy from Spicie Foodie. Please head over and check out all other lovely contributions.

For this month, I have submitted my Hokkaido Chiffon as my favourite and best recipe in October.

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