Figs and cheese toast

My obsessive with figs this year started with a really simple but delicious fig on toast breakfast at Suzie Q. Fig season is rather short and the best time will be in March which has just passed. There are still figs around but they aren’t hanging around for much longer.

Figs can be ate fresh and you can dress it up with honey, maple syrup, soft cheeses and even with a nice aged balsamic vinegar. During our Easter break last week, we ate the remaining figs on toast for our breakfast.

figs on toast


The soft and fresh goats curd is from Willowbrae Cheese Farm. You can find this at Eveleigh Farmers Market. It is really beautiful. Very delicate and easily absorb  and enhance flavours added to it. I added a hint of cinnamon and honey and mix it through.

cheese cinnamon

This makes a really nice spread. It can be used with sugar plums instead of figs I reckon.

cheese spread

This recipe is adapted from breakfast I had at Suzie Q.


  • As many figs that you can fit on a slice of bread (Slice figs into half)
  • 100g of fresh goat curd
  • 1 heaped tablespoon of honey + 1 more for drizzling
  • 1/2tsp of cinnamon
  • 2 slices of toast
  • Sprinkling of thyme


  1. Add honey and cinnamon into the fresh curd. Stir to mix through
  2. Toast the bread – I used Wholemeal Sonoma Miche (bread)
  3. Spread the cheese and cinnamon spread on the toast
  4. Stack the figs onto the toast, drizzle with honey and add thyme if you like

I tried the toast with and without thyme. It is the aroma of the thyme that really lifted the flavour of the figs. They are a match in heaven. Go out and get some figs before you need to wait for another year!

Fig toast and thyme