Dong Ba, Que Huong and Cafe The Duyen, Cabramatta

A trip to Cabramatta means our usual pit stop at Rodriguez Bros in Yagoona and picked up morcilla, salami, meats, olives and anchovies. The queue at Rodriguez Bros was super long as there was only one cash register in the front and one person serving. By the time we left the deli, we were running late for our date with fellow food bloggers. Then a wrong turn was made as we were nearing Cabramatta and that made us super late. I am always late! I am sorry @CorridorKitchen @ThangNgo @adamgdunn @blueapocalypse

We caught up with our eating buddies at Dong Ba on John Street. Orders were placed for 3 bowls of noodles amongst 7 of us – 2 bowls of Bún bò Huế and a bowl of very delicious bún riêu. This was just round one of our feasting in Cabramatta. Bún bò Huế is spicy beef noodle soup with lots of aromatic lemongrass and congealed pig blood . The version of  Bún bò Huế at Dong Ba is quite tame in lemongrass and I prefer something stronger.  However, the big kick of chilli in the broth made up for the lack of lemongrass.

By the way, I wonder if Dong Ba in Sydney is related to the one in Melbourne?

Bún bò Huế

Bún bò Huế $9

This is probably the first time I had bún riêu. The broth is tomato base and has a distinctive crab flavour. The crab flavour comes from a crab mixture or cake called riêu. Does anyone know how I can make this at home? I love this broth. It is clean tasting and sweet from the crab.  Many at the table were more in love with the bún riêu.  

bún riêu

bún riêu $9

The next stop is Que Huong. It’s past Cafe Nho which is a coffee and drinks place that we visited on our last trip to Cabramatta. This place is gold. We started with banh uot. This is thin rice noodles with toppings like  crispy shrimp pancake, suspicious meats (2 types of pork), shallots, bean sprouts and lots of green. We drizzled with loads of Vietnamese chilli fish sauce, mixed and then consume!

banh uot

It is followed by banh xeo! So much deliciousness. This is probably the best banh xeo that I’ve had in Australia. The mung bean flavour was strong. The pancake was super thin and crispy. The fillings was generous. And it was served with loads of fresh vegetables and herbs.

banh xeo

The herbs and vegetables were so fresh and crisp. It is amazing how beautiful they look. We wrapped the banh xeo in the fresh leaves and every mouthful was flavoursome and refreshing.

fresh herbs

And lastly the very cute banh khot. These are like savory prawn pancakes. It is very moorish by itself.

banh khot

Or have it with wrapped with greens like mustard leaves, shiso, fresh mint and drizzled with Vietnamese chilli fish sauce. It is so good! If you are in Cabramatta, Que Huong is definitely one of the places to go for a meal.

banh khot wrap

By the way, we had to put up with Psy Gangnam style on the repeat from a CD/DVD shop that is opposite Que Huong. Can we please get over this track now?! Anyway, we all headed towards Cafe The Duyen for something to drink. We ordered a Vietnamese ice coffee and kedondong juice which I think is also called hok in Vietnamese? It was juiced and served with a sour plum. Very refreshing and delicious and reminds me of kalamansi and sour plum drink that Mister love so much.

Vietnamese ice coffee and kedondong juice

Laura and Thang left early. The rest of us proceeded to our next stops. We stopped for banh mi thit, sugar cane juice and finished off with Pappa Rich! Yes, we did have a lot to eat that day but at the same time, so much fun eating everything. Another day out at Cabramatta. Thanks all for the fun Saturday!