Creamed corn soup with ham hock

My cravings for food never ends and I highly doubt it will ever end. After my brunch catch up with Ms V at The Premises, I had huge cravings for creamed corn. So I decided to take upon myself to make some the weekend when hell was about to break loose as it was the day when we started to prep for the Melbourne Food Bloggers Dinner. It was the calm before the storm. I needed something comforting and assuring.

Ham hock

Ham hock


  • 1 smoked ham hock
  • 2 fresh corns
  • 1 clove of good quality garlic
  • 120ml of full cream
  • 30g of unsalted butter
  • Black pepper
  • Parsley for garnish and freshness

After all the rain and weird weather this year, I found parsley from last season growing in our back yard. How did it survive winter and no water is beyond me! The flavour is super intense and the soup just need a soft sprinkle to lift the dish. Plus, I found some spring onions that has started to sprout as well!

Fresh parsley

Fresh parsley


  1. Soak the hock in water and rinse well for a couple of hours. Place the hock in a pot with 2L of water together with the de-cobbed corns. Bring to boil and then lower heat to simmer (soft bubbles) with lid off until about 1/2 the liquid is gone and there is flavour in the stock
  2. Remove the ham hock and add the corns and allow it slowly simmer for about 20mins. In the meantime, remove the meat from the ham hock and set aside
  3. Strain the corn stock and set aside the corn in another bowl. In a pot, add a touch of olive oil and the butter. Add the corn and saute it for a couple of minutes. Then add the shredded ham pieces. Combine well. And add the cream to coat
  4. Once everything is well coated, add the corn stock (I had about 800ml remaining), bring it to a boil and then lower the heat again to a very gentle simmer for another 25 – 30mins until the stock is reduced by almost half.
  5. Season with black pepper. No salt is required as the hock has provided the dish its saltiness
  6. Sprinkle some fresh parsley. Serve hot with a chunky toast
Creamed corn with ham soup

Creamed corn with ham soup

I love everything about this soup. It definitely screamed comfort. It is the type of soup that Mister would slurp away quite happily (which is a rarity). It is the type of soup where I like to sit in a quiet corner and enjoy its freshness, saltiness and a touch of smokiness. Every element had its own voice. It can be eaten at room temperature and it’s light and spring-y and summery.

In the next couple of weeks

I will be heading to Christchurch for a little R& R with Mister and also to celebrate our 10th year anniversary together. 10 years is a milestone and what better way than to spend it in remote but totally beautiful and tranquil Doubtful Sound. So I will be missing out on many of my favourite blogs but will catch up when I return. I have schedule a few during the week and add a couple of posts about the travel and if both of us are getting on each other nerves.

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