Cookbook Launch – Cookbook for Everybody Everyday by Alex Mackay

I love cookbooks. I love cookbooks that talk to the home cook at every level. I love cookbooks with useful tips like etc etc. The cookbooks that are not collecting dust on my bookshelf are the ones that I use as reference for everyday cooking, for useful and clever tips. Alex Mackay’s new cookbook, Cookbook for Everybody Everyday is one such cookbook. It is for the everyday home cook. Nothing fancy but who eats fancy foods everyday?

The cookbook launch in Sydney was held at Justin North’s Quarter Twenty One in Westfield. By the way, can I just express my love for Q21. This is the place that introduced me to suckling pig ham and many other sinful indulgences. If you have not been, please do yourself a favour and do it!

Quarter twenty one

Alex Mackay gave us a short introduction of his cookbook, Cookbook for Everybody Everyday and the idea behind it. In the video below, he talks about

  • The foundation of this cookbook is from the letters, emails and questions that he received in over 15/16 years in the industry and teaching people how to cook
  • His tip on gravy and bread
  • Magic fridge? What is this?
  • Leftovers are awesome
  • Was he really born during the war? If so, which war?

All the guests were spoilt by the continuous flow of food (from the cookbook but made into bite size portions) and wine. I have to admit that it took a lot of determination not to over eat and stay alcohol free. It is afterall, Monday and I had a massive week ahead at work. I wish I could indulge a little more like these happy people at the cookbook launch but it was compensated by the multiple rounds of food I had ;)

People at the cookbook launch

People at the cookbook launch

I love the clever idea of using pesto and olive tapenade on cherry tomatoes. Such a great party food idea that not only taste good, it looks great and so easy to make. I went back for more chicken, bacon, tomato and watercress salad. MORE!

Cookbook launch

Cookbook launch

Duck and chorizo? Would you say no to this? I think I had three of these babies. My favourite of the night is this mussels with noodles and Asian dressing. I can’t wait to get hold of the recipe and cook it.

Cookbook launch

Cookbook launch

We were also treated to a cooking demonstration by Alex Mackay. He cooked 3 recipes from the Cookbook for Everybody Everyday in approximately 22 – 25 minutes. He did have help from the audience but it was so much fun to watch. He is so energetic, funny and passionate about cooking and food. I created 3 separate videos and in each video, there are a couple of useful tips that I picked up.

The tips in the first video is:

  • Allow the food to sit in the pan and cook. Do not keep turning or shaking it. Alex Mackay explains why
  • How to follow a recipe the right way. A great tip and one that I try to use when I bake so that I do not miss a step or an ingredient

The tips in this second video are:
  • You need to love what is at the bottom of the pan
  • How to make a nice gravy for your protein
  • How to make your steak glisten with yumminess – I will definitely be using this very often

I have another cooking tip video to share with you but will do it in another post where I shall review the cookbook and the kind people of Bloomsbury has given me a couple for a giveaway! So stay tune! And did I tell you how funny Alex Mackay is?
Thanks to Brendan (Bloomsbury Publishing) for taking the photos. I bet Alex’s arms were struggling after awhile :P
Alex Mackay and Jeroxie

Alex Mackay and Jeroxie

I love the wait staff! They are just lovely. They always serve with a smile and they remember what each person in the room is like. The service was just impeccable! This guy is super awesome. I was served a dose of basil pesto popcorn (best idea ever) before I took leave. And he just did this and I took a photo. Love this dude!
The hardcover cookbook is RRP at $39.99 and can be found in popular bookstore, online bookstores or head over to Alex Mackay’s website or the cookbook site for more information.
The wait staff at the cookbook launch

The wait staff  and basil pesto popcorn