Chur burger, Surry Hills

Chur Burger is back! Bigger and hopefully, better. The premise no longer sits behind Albion Street Kitchen but instead replaced it. The simple menu of just burgers,  small selection of sides and milkshake has grown to include $10 snacks like pork crackling with aioli and miso brisket pancake. There are also ala carte choices like grilled flat iron steak with a choice of side. Desserts like macadamia pie with whisky ice cream  to satisfy the sweet tooth.

The burgers are still pretty awesome. I’ve tried both the lamb and pulled pork burger. Lamb burger is getting more yum votes from me. The lamb patty is ridiculously juice and tasty. I could not really taste the mint sauce but the thick slice of feta sealed the deal for me.

Chur lamb burger

Cross section of the lamb burger

Chur lamb burger

The pulled pork is nice and tender. I love the richness and flavour of the Chur BBQ sauce against the meat, red slaw and fennel mayo.

Chur pulled pork burger

Cross section of the pulled pork burger

Chur pulled pork burger

But how does it stack up against Mary’s burger to take the title of Sydney’s best burger? In terms of price, Chur Burger is the winner but Mary’s win when it comes to flavour and atmosphere. It might be too soon to make a call since Chur has just gotten back into the scene. I shall wait for a couple of weeks before coming back to check out the rest of the menu. For now, I am just happy that there is a local burger joint. And for $10, it is a steal in Surry Hills.

NOTE – Chur Burger is now opened Mon (11.30pm – 5pm), Tues – Sat (11.30pm – 10pm) 

Below is what I’ve scheduled to post in March before Chur Burger and Albion Street Kitchen was struck with bad luck. A fire broke out in the kitchen and the premise has been closed since then. 

Chur Burger in Surry Hills isn’t the easier burger joint to find. It is hidden behind Albion Street Kitchen and is only open for lunch from Tuesday to Friday. It is a very clever move from Chef Warren Turnbull and Grant Astle of the old District Dining fame. It is a little hard to find but when you do, it does not disappoint.

Chur burger location

The menu is super simple. It consists of 5 different types of burger and I am sure that every single one is pretty damn good even though I’ve not tried it all. The Heilala Vanilla milkshake is to die for and in my opinion, a must order. Burgers and milkshake is a match made in heaven.

chur burger menu

Why did I order a fish burger? Because I can as Mister went for the beef. No regrets at all. The fish is a perfectly crumbed Chatham Island Blue Cod. There was no sign of sogginess or the use of old oil for deep frying. It came with a pickled cucumber, slathered with lemon mayo and dill. YUM!

Fish burger

Fish burger $10

Mister tried the beef burger. The beef pattie is actually borderline cooked and retained its juiceness. The perfectly grilled beef pattie was sandwiched in between 2 soft brioche buns. The cheese, tomato jam, gherkin and mustard mayo made it a well made burger and something that I want to go back for again and again. I just wish they opened on weekends or how about Monday nights? <– Check out new opening hours in red above. This was written in March

beef burger

beef burger $10

I want to try the pulled pork burger, the grilled chilli chicken burger and the spice chickpea patty burger. They all sound delicious! I reckon if Chur opens late into the weekend nights, it will do extremely well and I will actually be happy to queue for it with a beer in hand.  <– Check out new opening hours in red above. This was written in March

Chur Burger
48 Albion Street, Surry Hills NSW Tel: 02 9212 7979

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