Chinese Spicy and Barbie Kitchen

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Chinese Spicy and Barbie Kitchen
311 Racecourse Road
Kensington, 3031
(03) 9372 5218
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A menu filled with offal goodness? Meat on a stick? And hot and spicy sichuan dishes? I think Billy got me at offal. This place has my name written all over it and I could not wait for it to open its doors when I was first told about it by both Anna and Billy.

Finally the day came and I had my first outing to Chinese Spicy and Barbie Kitchen with Billy, Anna, David, Bryan and Li for lunch. Most of us were a little disheartened when we were told that skewers were off the menu in the day as the grill master only worked nights. Grill master? Yeap… I guess he grills all the offally good bits ;)

The restaurant is quite small. The furniture is heavy and too big for its tight space. But I have to say that the chairs are definitely comfy. I think at one point during the meal Byran was sitting cross legged and there was still space between the both of us! It is so untypical Chinese or Asian restaurant where all the tables and chairs are packed in.

Chinese spicy and barbie kitchen

Chinese spicy and barbie kitchen


Anyway, I am not going to elaborate about what I ate on all 3 occasions in this post. Instead, there is a short description of each dish attached in the photos. You can click on each and read about it. In this post, I shall pick the ones that I like or is interesting instead of making this an uber epic post.

I will like to suggest that when you visit this place, spend a little more time having a small giggle as you go through the menu. A pity that they have changed the menu from the first. The first time we were there, it seems that most of the items on the menu were almost direct translation. For example, the first dish that arrived was named Saliva Chicken! Hahaahha… it was a direct translation from Mandarin but it actually means Mouth watering chicken. It is basically a cold chicken dish with a nice kick of chilli, light soy, sesame oil. I thought the chicken pieces were a little too dry.


The other dish that was quite interesting on the first outing was the chilli pork lungs. On the menu it actually stated the main ingredients as beef, ox tongue and beef heart? So there was no lungs. The menu is a little confusing and I believe it was due to the bad translation. And to be honest, I could not pick the tongue from the heart. I think I liked it because it was tongue and heart. :)


In our second visit after our return from the US/Canada trip, Mister and I were actually craving Chinese food. So many thanks again to Anna, David and Billy for arranging dinner to catch up. I missed out on skewers the last time so this time, we got some! These skewers are mostly seasoned with cumin, salt and pepper. I love the chicken giblets and in time, I am sure I will have tried all the different ones.


I think this is one of Billy’s favourites? It is a mushroom skewer.


And I do love this mapo tofu with pigs blood. I never had this dish with pigs blood before but it tasted so good. This dish is not as spicy as Dainty Sichuan but enough that I can enjoy it. Maybe it is the texture that I love as well. So much as I love meat, I love tofu and blood cubes ;)


It is time to move on to our third visit to Chinese Spicy and Barbie Kitchen. Before I continue, let’s have one of my favourite Chinese “junk” drink – Wong Lo Kat. I am not sure if I like it because of the ring of its name or the almost brown like sugar taste. It just goes well with spicy food and it reminds me of our China trip in 2008. I first discovered this drink in Shanghai and was hooked.


I had the deep fried leek and baby shrimp spring roll on the very first visit as well. I was looking through the photos and this plate is more generous looking than the first visit. It is crunchy on the outside and mushy on the inside. It is one of those must order dishes in this place. They just do naughty fried food so well. :)


Almost everyone at the table has a soft spot for tripe. This cold dish is called the chilli shredded tripe. It has a nice bite and spring to it, slightly sweet and sour and comes with a strong hint of chilli. If you aren’t into offal, this place is probably not for you.


Harry (a Sichuanese) is in love with the beef stew. He kept pointing this dish to us on the menu and said that we had to order it. And when the dish came, his eyes were wide open. I was trying to work out what is the spice in this dish. There was definitely star anise, cumin and also a familiar chinese herb aromatic but could not quite work out what it is. I can understand why Harry loves it so much. It is perfect for winter. It is not spicy but definitely warms up the belly!


And one of my favourites which we ordered on 2 occasions here is the crispy deep fried pig intestines with chilli. I love the squishy insides and the crunchy outside. I wish I could snack on these when I watch a movie. So much more pleasurable :)


Let’s chilli our palate with some beautiful preserved egg and soft, silky tofu. This is a very typical “cooling” dish to balance out all the hot and spicy foods that we have been eating. Mister was perspiring on my right and Matt was turning a nice reddish pink on my left.


The double cooked spicy pork dish is another personal favourite of Harry’s. He said that this is one of the most typical Sichuan dish. It is very simple but hard to get it right. The pork is first braised and then sliced and deep fried. There are bits of numbing Sichuan in this dish and I managed to coped a few of them! Serves me right for talking too much while eating.


One of Mister’s favourite dish here is the fried rice. Little shrimps, bits of bacon or was it ham? This was more the Cantonese style fried rice. I think he will be happy if he just had this fried rice on its own.


Chinese Spicy and Barbie Kitchen has become one of our regular joints in the Flemington area. It is very affordable. There were about 10 of us and ordered about 13 dishes and some were double orders. We each paid $25. That include a few beers and other drinks. Not everything on the menu is nice. There are some which are just hit and miss. If you like to know which are the ones to avoid, click on the thumbnail above to find out.

The surrounding area where we live just keeps getting better and better with the cheaper eat out options. And now I am waiting eagerly for the Grand Tofu to open its doors. It has been in idle for the last 6 months or so? Hurry up and open! And please let it be awesome.

What is your favourite cheap eats in your area?

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