Brewtown, Newtown

Good coffee was one of the important things that was missed very much when we first moved to Sydney a little over 2 years ago. Time really flies in this city and now I can find a lot of cafes that serves really awesome coffee. A little cafe on Crown street called Gnome was my saviour in those early days. They made coffee almost as good as the ones in Melbourne.

Go forward to the end 2013 and Gnome (Simon Triggs) and former manager of Single Origin Roasters, Charles Cameron, has recently opened a much larger establishment in Newtown called Brewtown. I absolutely love the space. They have transformed this former bookstore to one that is now brimming with Newtown life. The tall ceilings and ceiling fans will be great in summer. There is a certain comfort when one walk into this space.


There are no parts of this space. Upstairs is occupied by pop ups like home wares, Tokyo bikes, clothing and soon to be ready affogato bar using Cow & Moon gelato. Super jealous that Newtown is getting all this goodness!


When our regular coffee person at Gnome disappeared, I thought he quit and was a touch devastated. It was great to see him again at Brewtown! The guys here roast their own beans and there is a machine at the back of the cafe. There is a also a ‘beer’ machine at the back that pours sparkling or fizzy water and cold brew! Amazing. I love the cold brew and will be so perfect in warmer weather. Coffee is still just as good. Look at the detail of the strong flat white. Amazeballs!

flat white and cold brew at Brewtown

Coffee is good and how about the food? All baked goods are baked in-house. There is no dessert menu but there is a small glass cabinet at the front where it is filled with muffins and cronuts. We ordered a chocolate cronut while waiting for our order.  It is quite crunchy and not as light and fluffy as we thought it will be but still good. It is extremely popular and there is a cronut on almost every table. Try one and get hooked.

chocolate cronut brewtown

It was a little after 11 when we ordered. Lunch menu is open and I got to order the duck ravioli ($16). I was first hit by the aromatic truffle oil. The broth is really good. Very clean tasting with lots of flavour from the duck and mushrooms. The ravioli is made really well. The duck filling tasted very five spice? Very earthy, very comforting. Eat this dish!

duck ravioli at brewtown

Mister ordered the black sausage with home made hash browns, bacon and boiled eggs ($16).  I will love this dish more if the egg was poached instead of boiled. I thought it needed more sauce in this dish. The relish is good but not enough as it is overall a rather ‘dry’ dish.

blood sausage brewtown



Our friend visiting from New York has been hunting for a good banana bread and Brewtown delivered. Gnome does a really good banana bread as well and I expected no less from this place. Eat this.

banana bread brewtown

Of course I will be back for more. Newtown has some of my favourite places to eat. If you are in the area, why not check out Mary’s and Black Star Pastry as well.

Address: 6-8 O’Connell Street, Newtown, New South Wales 2042 Tel: 9519 2920
Opening hours: 8am – 4pm

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