Breakfast at Orto Trading, Surry Hills

Surry Hills has full of options and we do not have enough time or stomach space to check out everything yummy in this area. Plus, it is crazy not to venture out of Surry into other areas. Orto Trading has been on my hit list like forever. It took a nudge from catching up with @thegook to collect worm juice for my basil and chilli plant that we finally had a taste of Orto Trading. And having lived in Surry for awhile, I did not even know that they did breakfast. Tsk tsk to me.

Instead of my usual coffee, I ordered a mixed berry juice instead. It is both sweet and tangy which worked its magic in waking me up. I like that there are still bits of berry pulps in the juice.

mixed berry juice

Mister probably ordered the prettiest dish on the menu – Orto’s house waffles with fig, rhubarb, pomegranate seeds, sheep’s milk yoghurt and wildflower honey. But is it the tastiest? This is probably the Liège waffle or not the Belgium waffle that Mister was after and so he was a little disappointed. With all the beautiful soft figs and rhuburb on top, it did not have the crispness that he wanted. I love the combination though but did think that it will be better if they were Belgium waffles instead.

Orto’s House Waffles


I prefer savoury for breakfast and so ordered the very delicious breaky hotdog of chorizo, grilled mozzarella, chimmichurri and a fried egg. It was quite hard to eat but with little push and much determination, I conquered this hotdog. I will prefer if the bun used was something softer so that eating can be more manageable. Nonetheless, this is a recommended dish to order.

breaky hotdog of chorizo

@thegook ordered the sweet corn fritters with market fish, avocado cerviche  and vine cherry tomatoes. I assume that she loves it as the plate was empty once we were done. But she did mention that Bill’s still makes the best corn fritters. I have not been to Bill’s for a very long time and not had this, so can’t comment. It does pretty and satisfying though and well recommended in many Sydney blogs.

sweet corn fritters


I must make it a point to head back for either lunch or dinner. Hopefully not too late in the year. I love Orto Trading. The place is bright, airy and totally love the decor of fresh flowers. It is away from the hustle and bustle but the locals love it and many travel to for a good meal.

Orto Trading Co
38-52 Waterloo St, Surry Hills NSW 2010 Tel: 0431 212 453

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