Bee Koh – A simple sweet Nyonya dessert

Flipping through the Nyonya recipe book, I realised that the Nyonyas & Peranakans have very sweet tooth. The most common ingredients used are sugar, glutinous rice, coconut milk  and pandan or banana leaves. I wonder if that was the reason why my parents wondered why I could not sit still for more than 5mins?

This is one of the many dessert recipes that I will try making from this book. Bee Koh is a simple glutinous coconut rice pudding and I am sure it will satisfy anyone who loves the big sugar hit. You will be able to find the glutinous rice and pandan leaves in almost any Asian grocery shops. Just note that it is hard to find fresh pandan leaves here so they will be stored in the freezer. I made the mistake of not checking the freezer when I was in Footscray. Mister drove me all the way to Richmond and then realisation hit me. Duh~~~

Soaked glutinous rice

Soaked glutinous rice


  • 500g of glutinous rice soaked overnight in water
  • 450g of raw sugar
  • 1tbsp glucose
  • 500g thick coconut milk (set 100grams aside for later)
  • Pandan leaves
Cooked glutinous rice

Cooked glutinous rice


  1. Steam the glutinous rice
  2. Heat the pot and dissolve all the sugar in the coconut milk. Strain it to remove any lumps
  3. Add glutinous rice to the liquid and stir until thickens in low fire (about 10 – 15mins)
  4. Pour the rice pudding into a lightly greased tray
  5. Drizzle the remaining coconut cream and spread evenly
  6. Use pandan leaves and press the pudding down
  7. Allow it to cool before cutting
Press pandan leaves on top of the pudding

Press pandan leaves on top of the pudding

Bee Koh

Bee Koh

I have to apologise for the bad lighting. I started in the early afternoon and by the time I allowed it cool, the sun had set! :( This dessert is very sweet and filling. It is not advisable to over-indulge. Next time, I may cut down the sugar and drizzle palm sugar instead.

What is the one dessert or sweet that you must have when you have a sweet tooth?