Bau Truong, Marrickville

It was a crazy day at work and then a mad rush to Bau Truong at Marrickville for a dinner appointment with Thang and Mister. It was my first trip to Marrickville in the evening and from the city. And it is my first experience of Sydney traffic on Kings street. By the time I got to Bau Truong, I was ready to eat a cow.

The original Bau Truong is in Cabramatta. This is the third Bau Truong which is opened by son, Michael. Coming from Melbourne, I am used to small, rather run down and laminated tables type Vietnamese restaurant that serves awesome pho and bun cha that I super love. Bau Truong in Marrickville has taken the modern twist and focus more on share dishes.

We left the order of the dishes to the owner, Michael. He is the expert and we were all in for a treat. The first dish was a lightly smoked duck dish. It was topped with jewels of pomegranate seeds and accompanied with fresh fruits like green apples, pear, strawberries, kiwi and orange. I kept an open mind and all these fruits actually worked quite well. The fruits gave this dish a refreshing outlook. This idea was from Michael’s mum and she is the expert!

Smoked duck

The second dish was scallop in spicy capsicum sauce. The sauce did have a nice touch of sweetness to it as well. I still prefer my scallops undressed however, I must give credit to the chef for not over cooking the scallops.

Scallop in spicy capsicum sauce

The third dish is a Vietnamese style beef salad. The beef was very tendered and cooked in lemon juice. The dish was given life by start fruit, red onion, a lashing of mint and coated with a rather strong lemongrass aromatic. See the cracker at the background? We used that as our edible spoon. We love this dish.

Beef salad

The next dish is prawn rolled in young mustard leaves and served with a chicken liver sauce. The sauce is blended chicken liver with hoisin. Very addictive and I wish there was more rolls to finish up the sauce with. I wonder if I could replicate this at home?

prawn rolled in mustard green and chicken liver sauce

Snails in spicy coconut sauce is stunning. The snails were taken out from the shell and had toothpicks thread through them to make it easier for the punters to enjoy. The coconut sauce is sweet and spicy. Thang and myself was just drinking the sauce. It was so delicious. Give me a bowl of rice with this sauce and I am a happy girl.

Snail in spicy coconut sauce

And then we were spoilt with pipi soup! This may look like clear broth but the chilli kick is almighty. Sip and thread carefully when you have this. I love a good hit of chilli and demolish this bowl of soup.

pipi soup

Love the deep fried snapper. This is a such an old skool Asian way of cooking fish. The key is not just the fish but the companion sauce which is quite heavy in tamarind and fish sauce. The way I ate this is a dip of the crunchy fish in the beautiful sauce with added julienned cucumbers.

deep fried snapper

I was looking forward to the next dish the whole night. It’s the infamous caramelised and sticky pork ribs! The ribs were fatty enough and to eat this dish, it is best to use fingers. And then one could finish licking off all the sauce from the fingers. So yummy! If you need to order one dish, order this.

Pork ribs

The satay fried rice was my least favourite. I thought the rice was still a touch wet. But this may be a personal preference. I prefer the Cantonese fried rice where it seems lighter (but not), loads of eggs and rice texture is more dry and individual.

Satay fried rice

We ordered a dessert each to try. The first is baked egg and coconut custard served with sticky rice ice cream. Gary made a rice ice cream on one of the Masterchef Friday episode and I was sold. The sticky rice gave the ice cream bits of chewy texture. It was very interesting. The cake was very moist and light. I must find a recipe for this.

baked egg and coconut custard cake

Thang ordered the char grilled banana in salted coconut sauce. The salted coconut sago sauce is amazing and what a great play of sweet and salty. The more amazing element is the ginger ice cream. The ginger was quite strong but not offensive at all. It was a perfect match with the char grilled banana.

char grilled banana

Michael recommended that we tried the frozen pyramid and so we did. The pyramid layer from the top is raspberry, chilli passion fruit and kaffir leaf coconut sorbet. This is a light and refreshing dessert. It is almost healthy with the generous amount of kiwi and pineapple. Michael told us to try the chilli passion fruit by itself and asked us what we thought. It tasted like the Vietnamese sweet and chilli sauce. It was amazing!

frozen pyramid

Will we come back? Hell yes… the menu is large and I am sure to find more gems in there. And Marrickville is much easier to get to than Cabramatta. :)