Back to basics

I bought a bag of cherries and some beautiful free range chicken breasts over the weekend. It was quite random and had no clue what I was going to cook. Again I turned to tweepies for answers. I wanted to know if chicken and cherries would go hand in hand. This time I had a 50/50 response. Some responded with suggestions of a recipe. And as many would know by now, this kitchen has limited spices and few condiments.

This is a simple and quick recipe that does not require too much cooking. I would think it as quite healthy as well. And it made me realised that maybe sometimes it is important to just go back to basics - salt, pepper and olive oil. And most importantly, the ingredients must be fresh.

Pitted cherries

Pitted cherries

I have to make a confession. I am not sure if I would have made this dish without driving home to find the pitter for the cherries.


  • 4 pieces of free range chicken breast
  • 250g of pitted cherries
  • Salad greens
  • Chilli flakes
Pan fried chicken

Pan fried chicken


  1. Silt the chicken breast on the side into 2 pieces. Place it in between 2 glad wrap, use the back of a pot and flatten the chicken pieces.
  2. Heat pan with olive oil. Season the chicken piece with salt, pepper and chilli flakes and fry it on both sides till it has a nice colour
  3. Allow it to stand while putting the salad together
  4. Pit your cherries and cut them into halves. Throw in the salad leaves and just season with salt, pepper and olive oil
  5. Plate and serve!
Pan fried chicken with cherry and green salad

Pan fried chicken with cherry and green salad

It was that simple. The cherries worked well with the chicken. And both of us had a lovely simple home cooked dinner. I did wonder what I would have done if I cooked it in my kitchen. Would I have then over complicate the dish?

The next night, I pan fried some sausages and mixed it with a vegetarian couscous. Again I left it really simple, quick and easy. Just toss the couscous with sliced capsicum, red onions, butter, salt and pepper.

3 colour capsicums and onions couscous with sausages

3 colour capsicums and onions couscous with sausages

Many of us have an addiction for cookbooks, magazines and we search the net for recipes and we exchange ideas. And then we forget that simple dishes, simple recipes can be just as good. Of course, I will still continue experimenting with tastes and ideas. But I must always remember to go back to basics from time to time.

What is the most memorable simple dish that you have made or eaten? Please share :)