Ayam Goreng 99 and Pinangsia, Kingsford

Kingsford is not too far away from Surry Hills. It is a very different suburb with more student accommodation and many Asian cheap eats that line the Anzac Parade. It is also the home of infamous Ayam Goreng 99 and Pinangsia. I have read and heard about it from bloggers and my Indonesian colleague. Each restaurant has its own delicious offering. Ayam Goreng 99 is known for its grilled or fried chicken whilst Pinangsia is famous for its noodles.

Our first stop was Ayam Goreng 99. You write your own order with provided pen and paper. When you are done, hand it over to one of the staff. And then you pick up your own water, drinks from the refrigerator (if you need one), cutlery, tea (optional) and condiments yourself.

Condiments station

I saw lontong on the menu and ordered. It is different from the lontong from Singapore but still tastes really good! So freaking happy that I’ve finally found lontong in Sydney. It has bits of long bean, cabbage, rice cake, dried shrimps, dried shallots with a fried chicken thigh and a lovely spicy aromatic, coconut and lemongrass flavour broth. It was delicious. By the way, please ask for the sambal. It is not at the condiments station and I guess because it is so good! It has a nice chilli kick and if you love chilli, please add into the broth.


Mister ordered a simple fried bihun. This is very similar to the fried bihun found in hawker centers in Singapore. Bihun or beehoon is stir fried with bits of chicken, fishcake and green vegetables. I can have this for breakfast or lunch back in Asia.


Mister and I ordered one ayam bakar to share. You can request for either thigh or breasts. We got the thigh. It was really tender and packed with aromatic flavours like lemongrass, tumeric, coriander and more that I can’t pick out. Every table in this place had a plate of chicken. I must return to try the fried chicken.

ayam bakar

This week, we returned to the area to check out Pinangsia. The owners must come from the village Pinangsia that is located in a sub district called Taman Sari in Jakarta. Anyway, the place is bright and lined with laminated tables. Mister ordered 2 fried meatballs or they call it bakso goreng. It’s $1.80 each and so worth it! I am not sure what meat it is but it tasted like childhood to me. There was a fried fishball packet snack that I used to love and eat when I was young. This fried meatball has the similar taste and after the first bite, I was “WOW” and Mister did the same. Every single table has an order of this. So you must try it!

fried meatballs or bakso goreng

Both Mister and I were here because of the noodles. And we were both a little disappointed. Maybe I was expecting something else. It was just noodles. Maybe that is what it is. I ordered number 7 which is Mie ayam karet komplit 2. It’s thick yellow noodles with meatball soup, slices of BBQ pork, chicken pieces, straw mushrooms, a soy egg and fried wanton wrapper. I am used to dry noodles that had a nice sauce in this to coat everything together. This was quite bland and I guess one can add own chilli and whatever condiments. It is just not what I’ve expected.

number 11

Mister found his noodles rather boring as well. He ordered number 4A. It’s a mie ayam karet which is also a thick yellow noodle with meatball soup and pieces of dry chicken and straw mushrooms. They are very generous with the toppings and noodles but I don’t think we will ever order noodles again. Or maybe I need to come with an Indo to be shown how it is done.


We will still return and especially for the fried suspicious meatballs. I saw lontong on the menu as well and need to make a comparison with the one at Ayam Goreng. There are other eateries on this street that we will love to try and now we know where to come if we want relatively cheap and honest Indonesian food. Is there anything in this area worth exploring first? Drop me a line please!

Ayam Goreng 99
464 Anzac Parade Kingsford NSW 2032

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Pinangsia, Kingsford
319 Anzac Parade, Kingsford NSW 2032

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