A challenge to switch off for 24 hours

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I confess. I am a social media addict.

social iconsI am one of the more plugged in person that you will ever come across. My waking moments are usually spent on one of the three Apples – iPhone, Mac Book or iPad. Mister has always wanted me to switch off for a day. Not even a phone call or text message unless it is a real emergency. I thought long and hard about this challenge. Mister always wanted me to shut down for a day. So I shall be giving this a shot.

The last time I switched off for 24 hours was when both Mister and I were at Doubtful Sounds in the South Islands. This photo speaks louder than words.

Doubtful Sounds

Doubtful Sounds

It is really hard to switch off. I am not sure what I will be doing but will definitely will fill it with loads of activities with no waiting gaps in between. If I had a choice on the 28th of April, I don’t mind switching off in Kangaroo island. According to wikipedia, Kangaroo island is the third largest island after Tasmania and Melville island. “The island is 150 km (93 mi) long and between 900 m (980 yd) and 57 km (35 mi) wide, its area covering 4,405 km2 (1,701 sq mi). Its coastline is 540 kilometres (340 mi) long and highest altitude is 307 m (1,010 ft).” (Taken from wikipedia)

Coastline is 540km? Now we are talking! I love the coastline and beautiful beaches. I will be interested in checking out the scuba diving, marine adventures that include swimming with the dolphins, kayaking and exploring the surroundings. There is so much to do on the water that I can totally ignore the need to tweet or instagram or facebook or get plugged in. Click here to check out more coastal activities.

Vivianne Bay Jetty

Vivonne Bay Bay Jetty

When I am close to nature, I love nature. If you are a nature nerd, this will be the place for you. Do you know that more than a third of this island is declared Conservation or National Park and it has five significant Wilderness Protection Areas? There are activities like wildlife spotting, walks, tours and the list goes on. I will definitely be interested in one of the walks. The viewpoints will be spectacular and I suppose taking photos with my DSLR is not counted as being plugged in but I may try something different? More information here.

Remarkable Rocks

Remarkable Rocks

And of course, I will be interested in their food and wine offerings on the island.  Fresh seafood, the Pennshaw Farmers Market (May to October only), Sheep Dairy farm and this means cheese! And I will also indulge in lobsters and visit the as many cellar doors as I possibly can!

And did you know that you can do sandboarding at a place call Little Sahara! I always wanted to try it. Apparently, it is a landscape of white sand dudes. That sounds amazing. This place is free to wander but you will need to rent the sandboard or toboggans.

I can easily unplug in a place like this for sure. But alas, I will be stuck in Sydney on the 28th of April. I might just keep cooking and baking the whole day. And instead of hooking up my iPad, it will be a good opportunity to research using different cookbooks. That will be quite interesting. Also I might cook a recipe from one of Aunty’s old handwritten exercise book. I shall have a book with me at all times so that if there is any waiting gap, I could read something while waiting. And also I might knit something! That will keep my fingers busy and stop twitching from social media withdrawal. Or I might just take the bike out and go for a long ride as well.

I have $50 worth of Kikki stationary to giveaway and I need your support. Tell me what you will do if you have to switched off for 24 hours. It will drive me crazy so any suggestions will be great. Please comment to enter this giveaway. You can come back here and enter once a day! Make sure that you are live in Australia and have a legit Australian mailing address. This giveaway will end on the 28th of April 23:59 (AEST).